10 Ways Himalayan Salt Does a Body Good

Himalayan Salt, in all it's forms, is one of the most powerful natural substances we can use as a regular part of our total health plan.

Here are 10 Ways Himalayan Salt can improve your health...

1.  It contains 84 essential minerals which fortify our body when sprinkled on food.

2.  When cooking with a salt plank, you are adding mineral content to your food.

3.  The ancient practice of salt baths, when done with Himalayan Salt, not only detoxifies your body, it nourishes your skin by helping with elasticity and moisture retention.

4.  Dissolving a little bath salt into your face wash helps with acne and other skin conditions by maintaining a healthy pH balance.

5.  Bathing with Himalayan Salts is an excellent muscle relaxer and soothing, wonderful for stress relief and after workouts.

6.  Salt Lamps counteract free radicals (positive ions) produced by computers, TV’s, stereos, heaters and air conditioning units. 

7.  Salt Lamps also produce negative ions which are known to be essential in maintaining good health. These lamps are able to reduce morning depression, allergy reactions due to dust mites and particles coming from the heater or conditioner, asthma symptoms in general and even snoring.

8.  Himalayan salt helps expedite healing of sore throats when used as a gargle.

9.  Used as a foot soak, it can help heal fungus and also is an excellent for stress and pain relief as well as a great first step for your pedicure.

10.  Dissolving some bath salt into your shower gel is a best practice for maintaining energetic hygiene - keeps your energy clear!

The question is...where will you begin?

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