Dynamic Healing Journeys

Dynamic Healing Journeys

Did you know you have many bodies?  It's true, there are many layers of consciousness that make up your unique frequency.

Besides your amazing physical human body of flesh and bone, you have an

  • emotional body
  • mental body
  • energy body
  • spiritual body

Each of these work together to form you in totality.

The one common theme between all your bodies is that they (and everything) has an energetic foundation.  Your physical body, at it's most basic state, is made of cells which are made of atoms and energy (driven by the chakras and prana).  Your mental body and emotional body consists of thoughts and feelings which are energies that manifest and take form.  Your energy body is your aura and chakras, all energy of course!  And your spiritual body is the connection you have to the divine realm and higher states of consciousness and these too are dimensions of energetic expression.

So what does this all have to do with a Dynamic Healing Journey (DHJ)?

When we set out to heal something within our life, it's important to understand that to actually shift the energy to fix something, we are have to address all of our bodies, and not just one.  When you come at healing from all 5 angles, this is a Dynamic Healing Journey.  I say "dynamic" because it's important to go with the flow of what you need and be ready to change that as you heal and change.  And of course we use the word "journey" because the experience of healing is one of the roads we travel that weaves the fabric of our life.

Most of us have the physical body part of the healing journey down - we have our first responders in place when we feel a cold, cough, ache, pain, etc coming on.

Here is where the rest of the healing journey needs to be considered....

  • what were you feeling in the days before and when you started to feel sick (emotional body)?
  • where was your head at during this time (mental)? 
  • how were you honoring your connection to your higher self and checking in with the universal big picture in the days leading up to sickness (spiritual body)
  • and lastly, what was in place to keep your body, mind & spirit connection clear and fortified (energy).

Our physical body is usually the last to know.  Our human body often manifests the energetic imbalance from one of our other bodies as sickness or disease. 

This is why a DHJ addresses all your bodies and activates healing in all parts of you.

How to you begin your DHJ?

By incorporating energy medicine into your plan!  The advanced pranic healing I practice seeks out the congested energies in your aura and chakras that are contributing to your illness or state of disease.  These energies can be lodged in your emotional and mental bodies and by removing them, we allow your body's innate healing ability to be activated.  By asking for energy medicine, you are ready to heal the root cause of your illness as well as treat the symptoms with  traditional medicine and soothing modalities.  Energy Medicine and pranic healing clear and cleanse out the excess energy within you that is contributing to sickness and then place divine healing prana into your energy body to activate total healing.  This is key to really curing what ails you. 

Often times in my sessions, I get a message for you and also give "homework" on actions you can take to address your mind and emotions - these actions on your part fortify the entire healing process. 

The addition of energy medicine is a powerful step in your dynamic healing journey.  Your body's ability to heal is limitless!

To jumpstart your healing, I recommend the Super Healing Session or a Chakra Balancing.  These sessions are excellent foundations and baseline sessions.

For acute illnesses, the Acute Healing Sessions should be your first response (along with Grandma's chicken soup!)

In light and healing love,



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