Got some energetic junk in your trunk? It's time for a Chakra Balancing

Full Flower Moon May 2020


Full Flower Moon is May 7th

May's Full Moon is sometimes known as the Flower Moon because so many flowers are blooming and the energy is ripe with increasing fertility due to warmer temperatures and sunnier, longer days. Just like bouquets of flowers send a message of abundance and beauty, this May full moon feels much the same way!

Full Moon Child Message for May: You are blooming under the frequency of creative manifestation and using the trust you have in your divine ability, move forward fearlessly in love infused actions!

Remember that the Full Moon is also perfect for opening up to cleansing energies and release of all that no longer serves.

Full Moon Best Practices:

1) Set out your crystals and intuitive tools under the full moon to cleanse them of all prior energies. This can be done on a windowsill or outside. Sometimes I use a ziploc bag if there the potential for rain or wind. It's OK if it's cloudy, the moon's energy will still be active.

2) After your crystals have been cleansed with the full moon's energy (outside or under moonlight for at least 3 hours), the moon's energy is now active in charging the items. To fortify and increase the potential of the charge, you may hold them in your hands, close to your heart and state your intention or hold your hands over all of them at once to place your activation over them.

3) Make time within the full moon period (day before, day of or day after) to connect with your higher self through some form of meditation. Ask your divine guides to place the energy of release and cleansing into your core and have it radiate out through your entire body...visualize all that no longer serves as falling away from you. Then feel the white light come into your crown and expand your aura and chakras with divine love.

Revel in the abundance of the full moon, using it as inspiration for divine creativity!

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