Easy Ways to Be More Positive & Align with Happiness

Choosing to be Positive Makes You Feel Happy

Positive energy and happiness go hand in hand and many of us strive to be more positive and happy each day. 
If you catch yourself thinking,  "I wish I was happier right now" or "I wish I could see the bright side of things", you are not alone. 

Positivity is a practice and a choice that empowers and aligns you with it's natural by-product:  Happiness.  

Realize that at any given moment, you can choose to shift your energy to a more positive outlook, that you are able to flip the switch that turns on happiness.

Because the natural state of your soul is joy and when you choose joy, you tap into your soul's energy.  

This is your super power, knowing that positivity and happiness come from WITHIN, they are not dependent on external circumstances.

You are 100% designed to be joyful at any given moment, no matter what is happening around you.  

This is how we exist from a place of power and activate the positive energy and happiness that lives within us.
How to Activate Positivity and Happiness in Your Life Each day
Simple practices can get you in the habit of
being positive and feeling happy every day.
Taking the time to create this in your life now is the way to making it
your new normal.  Soon it will simply be your lifestyle!
1.  Wake Up and Say "THANK YOU!"
It's that easy to set the tone.  Do it as soon as you open your eyes.  This will switch your mindset to gratitude and open you up to seeing things in a positive light.

2.  Do Not Strive for Perfection
Release yourself from this mindset now and remind yourself of this each day.  Positive people have negative thoughts, they're just not controlled by them.  They use them to shift energy.

3.  State This Intention Each Day:  
I am the captain!

4.  Set One Goal Each Day & Achieve It
Setting goals enables you to activate power and creates a positive mindset.  The goal can be small...floss your teeth.  Or big...work on your novel!

5.  Choose to Change Your Thought Frequency
When you have a negative thought or you "wish" for something other than what is happening,  SHINE YOUR LIGHT ALL OVER THAT and take control!!  Self talk is a our worst enemy when we let it control us but actually, it is a powerful tool for change.  When a negative thought happens:  clear-cancel-delete.  Actually say or think those words.  You are totally allowed and encouraged to clear a negative thought out and replace it with a positive one.  It's as easy as saying the following, "Clear, cancel and delete my negative thought NOW!"  and then CHOOSE to replace it with a positive one.   
I'll give you an example...Facebook used to trigger my negative thoughts because I chose to react to other people's opinions.  When I saw a person posting something that didn't align with my highest good, my mind would be screaming, "what an ass!"  
This is when its time to shine the light on myself...instead of letting that thought control me and bring negative energy to me, I say:
"Clear, cancel delete!  We are so lucky to be able to each express ourselves freely and I honor everyone's path that is different than mine."  

6.  Feed Your Body, Mind & Spirit GOOD STUFF!
This goes back to the power of choice - choose one thing (or more!) each day that keeps you balanced, whole and fortified.  What you put in your body, what you actively pursue and surround yourself with can help or hinder your goals.  
Remember, the goal is not perfection, but the power of positive choice.  
Choose at least one thing each day that fortifies your body, mind & spirit (foods, movements, people, actions, activities)

7.  Only Own & Give Energy to What Is Yours
This is your permission to NOT get sucked into what is not yours.  Distraction is present for us now more than ever.  Your happiness is NOT dependent on what is going on around you and is not dictated by the happiness of others, your tax bracket, why a co-worker is in a bad mood and what the president has tweeted today.  
My rule of thumb here is, if someone (outside my circle of people) hasn't directly asked me to help them, it's not mine.   If something is being projected out into the world that I cannot control, it's not for me to waste time on.  I can ONLY control what I project.
You do not have to comment, report, get involved in, stay caught up with or add energy to any situation that isn't about you.  
And this also goes for your inner circle as well...the best way to be a helper for others is to keep yourself healthy and be present as a force of strength and love, not a fixer.

8.  Smile ☺☺☺
It's almost impossible to not smile back at someone when they smile at you - be the one to radiate this positive energy and happiness!
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