Pendulums 101: How, When and Why to Use Them

Intuitive Toolbox:  Pendulums

What is a Pendulum? 

A pendulum is a piece of crystal, rock, wood or metal suspended from a chain.  It is held by the top portion of the chain and used to divine answers from our higher self that guide us in the best direction.

Why we use a Pendulum:

Pendulums are tools that help us connect with our higher consciousness, which is part of the universal mind. Your higher self will always guide you in finding answers to questions that point you in the best direction.

This is the same for all intuitive tools - they are simply a means to connecting to the divine part of you that guides you. The tools themselves are not magical in any way - it's your energy coming through the tool that is the empowerment frequency.

How to use a pendulum:
1) Choose one that you are drawn to for any particular reason.  You might be drawn to the color, shape, materials used to make your instincts.

2) Clear and cleanse your pendulum:  You can do this by laying it in sunlight for 3 hours, you can bury it in a bowl of sea salt or dirt overnight or you may use the full moonlight to cleanse it.  You can also use your breathe to blow on it with the intention of cleansing it.

3) Program it it tune into your energy. Do this by holding it close to your heart and calling on a divine being to help with this process; an archangel or one of your known divine guides is perfect.   Now program it by saying the following or using your own intention:  "I set the intention with this pendulum to relay the best information from my higher self whenever I ask. The information is truthful in nature and aligned with my divine will and highest good at all times.  Thank You"

4) Establish Yes/No/Maybe. Hold the pendulum out and say, "Show me a Yes" and watch how it swings...clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down, side to side. Note what your pendulum does in response to a ‘yes’ (maybe write it down or take a note on your phone) and then say “Thank you” out loud.
Repeat this process 3 more times for "Show me a no",  "Show me a maybe" and "Show me a not at this time".



Pendulums can be used to help you
  • decide between 2 ideas or things
  • know if something is right for you
  • in your healing journey
  • get guidance that involve yes or no answers 
  • to discern the best choices for your body, mind & spirit

Just as with any new tool or skill, practice and patience make things more comfortable.

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