January is a Big, Fuzzy Blankie

Welcome to 2017!

I'm wishing you a happy new year while wearing my big, fuzzy robe that I basically haven't taken off since Christmas.  It's become my "blankie"!  We've been blasted with cold weather and multiple snow days shutting our little city down and here I sit:  hair done, coffee in hand, totally dressed with my big fuzzy robe over it all!  

January's Full Wolf Moon (also known as the Cold Moon and the Hunger Moon) , is symbolized in native american tradition by the cold and hungry wolves out searching for food and warmth during the long, dark January nights.  

Taking this symbolism and combining it with our spiritual energies of today, this Full Wolf Moon is our time to reset our energy and think about what we are hungry for, what keeps us warm in terms of feeding our soul.

It's time to get under your big, fuzzy blankie and take a dip into your higher consciousness.  

Honoring the dark and quiet spaces of these nights, spirit is nudging us to use that time to

  • quiet our minds
  • forget about resolutions and the outside world
  • think about what would make you happy in body, mind & spirit
  • set up goals for happiness for the year

 There is a reason these nights are long and the pace is slowed...we are resetting and finding new pathways to our soul's evolution.

This is my favorite full moon meditation music I've been using for's 20 minutes long and perfect for you to use while wrapped up in your big, fuzzy, blankie - choosing your thoughts which will manifest your amazing year. (credit: Intentional Sounds)

Turn on the music, simply listen to it combined with the sound of your own breathing and let your higher self lead you to the images of happiness you are hungry for.


In light,



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