Astro Update: 5 Retrogrades, 2 Eclipses & a Meteor Shower, Oh My!

August Astro Energy Report

This month, we've got 5 planets in retrograde at the same time.  The first 3, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto have been in retrograde for a few months now and two others, Mercury and Uranus, are just beginning their retrograde this month.

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  • Mercury is Retrograde August 12 - September 5th

Many times in the past, we've spoken about Mercury going retrograde as being our regularly scheduled second chance to slow down and take stock of everything in our lives by using my 3 R's method:  Re-evaluate, Re-Do and Re-Connect.  It is important to use these ideas as a your retrograde guide.  (Refresher: MERCURY RETROGRADE BLOG

This month, what we are experiencing besides Mercury Retrograde is the occurrence of 4 other planets also being in retrograde,  the full moon + partial lunar eclipse (8/7), the new moon + total solar eclipse (8/21), the Lionsgate (8/8) and the Perseid Meteor Shower (8/11-8/13)!  

All I can say is:  WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

There are many astrological details and interpretations of each planet's retrograde meaning and the eclipses.  There are people who EXCEL at and are experts in discerning these details for us, but I am not one of those people.  I read ALOT of these expert's articles and I bottom line it for myself and for my family.  I'm doing that for you today.  

It all boils down to...Being Human While Remembering Who You Really Are!

Each of us are but a single person in the Universe.  That does not mean your presence is small.  

Here's an example...

Mercury is a single planet and a 100 year old redwood is a single tree.  If Mercury or the tree were to suddenly disappear, the universe would be forever changed.  Gravitational forces would be re-adjusted and an entire ecosystem would be effected, displacing animals, making the ground unstable...and if YOU disappeared, your family and friends would be left with the greatest void and history would begin to rewrite itself in a number of ways. 

The energetic imprint you leave on the world, your presence, matters!  The choice you made to be present on Earth in the here and now is a multidimensional experience that fulfills your soul's plan and adds to the collective.  Being human is an exercise of taking on illusions of separation as an opportunity to be a channel for love, that is the true essence of our soul, here on earth.   

Awakening to the awareness of our presence as part of the grand evolution, and knowing that by taking responsibility for our personal evolution we are not only fulfilling our soul's plan but are an integral part of something greater, is remembering who you really are.  This is awakening at it's highest level.

So how does this tie into Retrogrades, Eclipses & Meteor Showers?  These things happen as part of the great wheel of life and are universal energetic cycles.  We are also part of this wheel and how we react to astronomical/astrological energies (or not, which is an action in itself) in our daily moments is key.  Do you pay attention to the signs from the Universe and not ignore them?

Your soul's evolution happens minute by minute in your daily life and when you pay attention to the slowing down and introspective energy of planets retrograding, you feel the  awareness is within you and you begin to remember you are empowered to use these forces to GUIDE you and MANIFEST the next phase of your consciousness.  

You begin to remember you are part of the balance of the universe and your actions, nudged by the planets and stars from which you came, can have profound effects on how you experience your life and radiate joy and healing to the world.  

Astronomical and astrological frequencies,  when given in big doses such as this month, are a universal wake up call to be present, examine your life on all levels and ask yourself what can be changed to raise the bar.  Mercury, notorious for communication mishaps when in retrograde, will not be ignored and you'll have to slow down and re-examine things because shit will happen that forces you to do just that.  And it's not a bad thing - it simply exists as part of life, all life.  

Take it easy for the rest of the month and into September.  It's a time of great reset and planning.  Use your intuition to slow down, write out the ideal scenarios for yourself and make great plans.  

You are uploading new codes for soul activation and it's important to allow your body to catch up with this energy.  

You are limitless!


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