September's Harvest Moon

This month, we see a full moon in the early morning hours of Wednesday the 6th.  This full moon energy will be very active for us as it's a time of harvesting...not only in the traditional sense but in the energetic sense!

During the Mercury Retrograde, which ended on the 5th of this month, we spent lots of time tending to our crops, so to speak!  We nurtured our ideas, we incubated them and spent time planning and watering them.  

This month we will be reaping the fruits of our mental and emotional labors and harvesting those plans to implement and take action on manifesting what we know to be for our highest good.

There will be a large push from within to just DO it!  

"It" is the thing we've been putting off because of fear...but these fears are an illusion.  

Taking action this month is key and you'll be inspired to do things one way, then tweak it a bit and shift your energy to proceed in another.  

It's all about balancing our potential energy with our earthly actions and there is NO wrong way - except NOT trying!

Use the energy of this Harvest Moon to accept the changes, implement your plans and be open to the harvesting of new ideas on the fly.  

Everything you need to succeed is inside you!



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