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Spirit Guide Power Reading
Spirit Guide Power Reading
Spirit Guide Power Reading

Spirit Guide Power Reading

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The Ascended Masters, Angels and Spirit Guides are beings that are in place to help and guide us here at Earth school.  The relationship is a sacred contract that we've made with these beings before we came to this life and this reading dives into that relationship and begins your journey with your guide.  

Getting to know your guide is a beautiful process and this reading kick starts it for you!

In this reading, I connect to the divine realm and deliver to you the

  • Ascended Master, Angel or Spirit Guide that is stepping forward to guide you at this time. 
  • The way to recognize their energy in your daily life
  • The message he or she has for you at this time 
  • The action step that you can take in your life right now to align with your highest good as given to us by your guide.

~All delivered to you via email so you can print out the information and have it forever~

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