Customizing Your Session

Thank you so much for requesting a session!

I am very excited to work with you on your healing journey and I'll need the following information to customize your session:

  1. Are you pregnant?
  2. Do you take any medication for high blood pressure?
  3. Do you take heart medication?
  4. How did you hear about me?
  5. What is your birth date?
  6. What city/state/country do you currently live in?
  7. What are your intentions for this healing session? If you have specifics you are working on, please let me know; you may ask for healing for anything in body, mind or spirit.

Simply fill out the information below, copy the list above and paste it into the comment box, add your answers and hit SEND!  It comes directly to my inbox.

I'll be in touch within 48 hours with your session date and time, and some more information for you.

Many thanks in advance,


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