Got some energetic junk in your trunk? It's time for a Chakra Balancing

The Power of Seven

    The power of your seven chakras are your built in system for 




        Your Seven Chakras are dynamic energy centers that form the energetic foundation of your body, mind and spirit. And because we understand that EVERYTHING is energy taken form, we can look at our emotions, physical ailments, life situations and daily occurrences as energetic signposts that teach us about what we are experiencing.  IF what we are experiencing doesn't match what we desire to feel or experience, we can shift our energy to match that of what we DO want.  This is where the power of seven lies!  Your Seven Chakras can be used to shift this energy and transform your life.  


        =The Story Behind Your Chakras...

        Our seven main chakras are the energetic foundation of our body mind and spirit, in all dimensions!  They are the portals where the divine energy of who we are is brought in and manifests into our form.  Each chakra has multiple functions and is responsible for all aspects of our life. They are integral to our state of health, our emotions, the manifestation of our life situations and the link to our intuitive selves.  It is to the chakras that we look to discover the energy behind all the situations in our life . It is also here that we align with seven universal realms commonly called the archangels.  Each chakra is associated with a specific universal archangelic realm that is in place to provide energy for us to succeed and thrive in all areas of our life.  If you are experiencing something other than what you consider ideal, we can look to our chakras to bring in the energy that will match what you desire...for healing, abundance, happiness and anything you wish to experience.


        The Power of Seven places our awareness on approaching things in our life from an energetic standpoint and using our chakras to bring the energy of what you desire to form.



        An excellent place to begin your journey for healing, manifestation and soul empowerment is with my 5 Star Remote Chakra Balancing.









        If you are under the weather, activate and expedite healing with this ACUTE Session.  These sessions are done within 24 hours and work with multiple chakras to align you with fast relief.




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        ARCHANGEL SESSIONS for boosting specific frequencies in your life

        For Abundance, Vitality, Connecting to Soul's Plan:  

        Archangel Uriel Base Chakra Session

        For Relationship Energy, Divine Creativity, Success, Sexuality:  

        Archangel Zadkiel Sacral Chakra Session

        For Balance, Harmony, Order:  

        Archangel Jophiel Solar Plexus Chakra Session

        For Forgiveness, Healthy Boundaries and Divine Love:  

        Archangel Raphael Heart Chakra Session

        For Authentic Self-Expression, Creativity, Learning and Teaching:  

        Archangel Gabriel Throat Chakra Session

        For Divine Truth, Clarity and Intuitive Empowerment:  

        Archangel Michael Third Eye Chakra Session

        For Personal Power, Embracing Change and Divine Connection:  Archangel Chamuel Crown Chakra Session



        Which one of your chakras needs a boost?