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Amethyst 8-Sided Point

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100% Natural, Hand-carved 8-Sided Polished Amethyst Point with deep violet coloring and amazing energy.

This gorgeous healing crystal can provide focus for energy that is invigorating, re-balancing, protective and healing.  Fits perfectly in your hand, can be used as a grid center point, a healing wand or in the ways that your soul is guided to use it.

Hand carved with a flat base, it stands 3 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide, weighing in at

Amethyst is a master healer, with so many properties, including:

  • balances emotions, harmonizes your energy
  • helps heal insomnia
  • aids in healing all your bodies
  • stone of sobriety
  • activates crown and third eye chakras, enhances intuition
  • excellent for meditation
  • boosts immunity
  • helps heal headaches
  • calming, boosts confidence

 One of a Kind

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