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Archangel Michael Crystal Grid Kit
Archangel Michael Crystal Grid Kit
Archangel Michael Crystal Grid Kit

Archangel Michael Crystal Grid Kit

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This is our premier Crystal Grid Kit designed to bring you the assistance of Archangel Michael for Protection, Divine Guidance, Healing and Clarity

Crystal Grids bring the energy into your space and into your awareness for  the manifestation of your intentions.  This grid is one to use for invoking the energy of Archangel Michael to align you with protection, activate healing, receive divine guidance and keep you in a state of a clear thinking.

You'll receive 20 crystals: 

  • 6 Black Tourmaline for protection
  • 6 Kyanite blades/slices for clarity and dispelling negativity
  • 6 Amazonite chips for healing
  • 1 amethyst as the Archangel focus stone
  • 1 Quartz Point activator

You'll also receive a

  • Laminated Crystal Grid Template - can take with you and set up anywhere, even to the beach!  
  • Detailed information and instructions on the crystals, how to set up and activate your grid, words to use to set intention and how to use the grid in your home or space.

This powerful and energized kit removes all the guesswork out of this divine practice and places your intentions into the hands of the divine, bringing amazing energy to you and your space!

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