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Blue Green Agate Ocean Bracelet

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These gorgeous crystal bracelets are blue green, faceted agate 10mm beads with extra strong elastic for super durability.

Agate harmonizes your energy for mental clarity, harmony, clear-thinking and calming, confident vibes.

When I first saw these beauties, they immediately made me think of the one of a kind colors of the ocean in the Florida Keys, one of my very favorite places on Earth.  The energy of the ocean and the healing colors of green, yellow and blue all bring a palpable soothing energy to you as soon as you hold this bracelet.  

When you wear crystals, they support your intentions with an unwavering frequency that helps keep your aura and chakras, as well as your mental, physical and emotional bodies aligned for your highest good.

Every time you purchase an item or session from my store, I donate 10% of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Together, we can be part of the cure.

This lovely and empowering bracelet comes in an organza pouch and I gift my powerful Cord Cutting Meditation with every order.

Listing is for one bracelet



Every Session is Customized for You

Healing is not one size fits all. Once you order a session from me, I'll send you an email consult within 48 hours to learn all about your needs.

I'll design your session based on the highest and greatest good healing that is perfect just for you!

As soon as you ask for healing, the universe organizes the energy to bring it to you in the way that feels best, according to your needs ♥