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Crystal Power Pack:  Serenity Now!
Crystal Power Pack:  Serenity Now!

Crystal Power Pack: Serenity Now!

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Crystal Power Pack:  Serenity

Feeling anxious, nervous, uptight or distracted?  Mellow Out!  This Crystal Power pack is for when you need to chill, unwind, de-stress and let it all go

  • Blue Onyx:  excellent emotional balancer and brings soothing energy
  • Fancy Jasper (2):  enhances your ability to relax, feel tranquil and release
  • Smoky Quartz:  transmutes negative energy to positive, brings the zen!
  • Amazonite:  adds heart healing energy to maintain calm
  • Quartz Point:  amplifies the intention overall and adds a divine energetic element.

Together with my team, we have designed custom crystal intention bags for you!  The pouches come with a velvet pouch, information card and an affirmation to guide you in manifesting that which you desire.

Your intentions are fortified by the energy of the stones chosen for the pouch.  Use it in many ways, including:

  • carry the bag with you as a reminder of your power
  • meditate with the stones
  • sleep with them under your pillow
  • use them in healing rituals
  • use them as part of a grid

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