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Special Energy Cleanse & Protection Session

Special Energy Cleanse & Protection Session

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This session is meant to cleanse your aura and chakras just like my amazing chakra balancing but I've added an element of protective energy for your aura and some divine love to help you get through these challenging times.

This session will:

  • cleanse all the layers of your aura and your health rays (an extension of your aura)
  • cleanse each of your 7 main chakras, your Soul Star Chakra and your pranic core 
  • cleanse any areas of your body as indicated by my divine healing team
  • energize by adding divine healing prana to each chakra and to any areas of your body that are indicated as needing healing activation.
  • balance & align your chakras so they work together to keep you protected and activate your innate healing ability in accordance to your highest good.
  • Add divine love through rose quartz and protection with electric violet prana to activate your innate health.

You will receive a full, detailed report the same day as your appointment, with the findings and any messages from spirit that are given for you.

Keeping your energy body cleansed is just as important as all the steps you are taking to keep your physical body clean and in good health! 


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