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Crystal Power Pack:  Abundance & Prosperity
Crystal Power Pack:  Abundance & Prosperity

Crystal Power Pack: Abundance & Prosperity

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You are the physical manifestation of FatherMotherGod's abundance and will.  Activate your inner abundance with the help of this Crystal Power Pack.  The energy of this set will activate your energy to take inspired action on divine ideas that bring forth and magnetize you for abundance.  

Set your intentions within this pack, meditate with it, create a grid and keep it in sight - there are many ways to use your Crystal Power Pack.  

Your Pack includes 8 crystals and stones tucked into a velveteen bag.

8 is the angel number of abundance!

  • Red Malachite:  activates your base chakra for abundance and prosperity
  • Citrine:  radiates and attracts the energy of abundance
  • Tiger Eye:  harmonizes your energy for bringing together ideas for manifestation
  • Green Aventurine:  classic crystal to opening up your energy for receiving
  • Moss Agate:  prepares your heart chakra for abundance in all forms
  • Pyrite x 2:  it's gold energy connects you to your abundant core and protects your aura from the energy of lack
  • Quartz:  connects you to divine energy and energizes your overall intentions


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