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Crystal Power Pack: Your Custom Intention

Crystal Power Pack: Your Custom Intention

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I will design a Custom Pouch for you based on your situation and desires for your life right now.

Inspired by a client who wanted a Pouch made for each member of her family to help them through their current life situations,  these pouches are made to order per your request and energized by the hand of my healing team.

The pouches include 7 crystals/stones in a combination that will fortify your intention along with a pouch to keep them in.  

You can use them as

  • a grid
  • keep them on your person
  • place them in a room where you meditate or sleep.

I can't wait to hear what you are interested in manifesting!   I will contact you once your order is placed so we can get the design process started.

The pictures below are actual pouches designed for clients like you!

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Every Session is Customized for You

Healing is not one size fits all. Once you order a session from me, I'll send you an email consult within 48 hours to learn all about your needs.

I'll design your session based on the highest and greatest good healing that is perfect just for you!

As soon as you ask for healing, the universe organizes the energy to bring it to you in the way that feels best, according to your needs ♥