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Happy Home Crystal Grid Kit
Happy Home Crystal Grid Kit

Happy Home Crystal Grid Kit

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The Happy Home Grid Kit is probably my favorite grid so far!

I have it in my home where it radiates positive energy, protection, harmony and unconditional love.

Kit Contains:

  • 18 x 18 Rayon Tree of Life Template.  I use this template to symbolize the journey of our family, always growing and supporting each other.
  • 34 crystals including a Quartz Point Activator (see breakdown below)
  • 1 Rose Quartz Focus Crystal for Unconditional Divine Love
  • 8 Lemurian Quartz Points to radiate divine energy and blessings to all facets of our lives
  • 3 Red Malachite to root us to our soul's plan and our family plan
  • 3 Tiger Eye for harmonious relationship energy
  • 3 Orange Calcite for limitless joy and balance within the family and home
  • 3 Green Aventurine for healing and abundance 
  • 3 Sodalite for compassionate and clear communication in the home
  • 3 Amethyst for divine blessing and connection to our highest good
  • 3 Howlite for calm and consistent support between everyone in the hom
  • 3 Black Tourmaline for protection and shielding from negative energy
  • Info card on crystals, Velveteen or Organza Bag and instructions.