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Lapis Orgonite Pyramid Generator

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Orgonite is made from crystals, metals and gemstone chips suspended in resin.  The layering of organic and inorganic materials creates the orgone energy of these pieces, which radiates a palpable life force energy (prana).

This piece is combines the healing and clear vibrations of Lapis with copper and resin in pyramid form.  The quartz activator at the apex is wrapped in copper to help radiate your healing intentions out into your energy and your spaces.

Lapis is a very commanding crystal with a deep blue hue that activates your throat chakra. 

Lapis properties include:

  • enhances clear communication
  • activates divine creativity
  • soothes and lends calming energy
  • brings clarity to situations
  • protective and opens up you up to intuitive power

 This is a large pyramid, 3 inches at the base and 2 inches high.

One of a Kind


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