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Moroccan Selenite Healing & Manifestation Pyramid

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This is one magnificent piece to add to your collection!  The energy of these extra large selenite pyramids is something to behold.

The pyramid is one of the oldest examples of sacred shapes:  a powerful base, rising up from Mother Earth, and directing energy through its apex, to the universe.  

When you use crystals in the shape of a pyramid, you are harnessing your intention into the base of the crystal and sending this energy out like a prayer to the heavens and to your helpers, where it's radiated back to you, to help you heal and manifest.

These MOROCCAN SELENITE pyramids are 5.5 inches on the diagonal at the base and 4 inches high and weigh in around 2 lbs.  These are very large, heavy and full of divine energy ready to help you heal and manifest in powerful ways.

Can be used as your intuition guides you.  Very useful as a center stone in a crystal grid, as a crystal for meditation or to have in your spaces to radiate cleansing energy. 

The energy of these extra large pyramids adds a powerful frequency of healing and of manifestation to your practice.

Listing is for One Pyramid, I have a total of 2 left


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