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Red Jasper Pyramid
Red Jasper Pyramid
Red Jasper Pyramid
Red Jasper Pyramid

Red Jasper Pyramid

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Gorgeous High Quality Red Jasper Pyramid 

When a crystal is in the shape of a pyramid, it's energy is quite potent.  The strong base draws energy up from Mother Earth and directs it into the apex.  In addition, the energy of your intention is drawn into it from the universe, down through it's apex and moves into the base to help align you with and focus on your power.

Red Jasper is a base chakra activator with many properties including:

  • extremely abundant 
  • very grounding
  • energizing
  • protective
  • harmonizes you with personal power
  • connects your to your soul's plan and power

This beautiful pyramid measures 3" across the base diagonal and is 2" inches high.

It is rich with deep red with naturally lighter red striations and unique markings that make it one of a kind!

I only have one of these.

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