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Moroccan Selenite Square Bowl

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Hand carved and polished Moroccan Selenite Square Bowls

These are 8" across the top diagonally, they sit 2" high and weigh in at 2.6 lbs each!

Having a Selenite Bowl is a rare treat and it's sheer weight and abundant energy makes my whole room feel amazing!

Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal excellent for opening the crown chakra, aligning with divine healing and love.  It radiates positive frequencies which help transmute negative energies to positive ones.

Selenite is very soft and does not play well with water or salt!

Each of the selenite pieces in my collection is totally unique and perfectly imperfect in it's beauty.

I love to put stones and crystals into this bowl to either cleanse them or to bless them, with the divine love energy of the selenite.

Listing is for one bowl, I have 2 total


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