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BFF Bundle: Selenite Puffy Heart + Chakra Gemstone Bracelet

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BFF Bundle Special:  Selenite Puffy Heart + Chakra Gemstone Bracelet

Need the perfect prezzie for your BFF or someone special in your life?
This bundle includes:
• 2 inch puffy Selenite Heart
• Chakra Gemstone / Lava Bracelet (one size fits all!)
• Large Velveteen Gift Bag

Selenite represents divine love and connection while the chakra gemstone bracelet signifies the harmony, balance and empowerment between you and your loved one / BFF.

100% gorgeous selenite puffy heart
Chakra Gemstones: red aventurine, carnelian, tiger eye, green aventurine, turquoise, lapis and amethyst strung on super strong elastic with lava beads (can be used for aromatherapy too!)

Chakra Bracelet can be worn daily and it's energy keeps the wearer in balance and harmony as well as reminds them of the strength of your relationship. I keep my selenite heart where I can see it daily near my desk and I hold it close to my heart when I need a little clarity and pick me up!

Selenite is a gorgeous crown chakra activator and brings divine, empowering and cleansing energy.

These hearts are 2" and deliver a huge dose of divine love and blessings.

Selenite is a crystal that naturally cleanses itself and also emits this clear and bright energy into your space.  (Please don't get me wet, I don't play well with water ♥)

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