Mercury is Retrograde March 5 - 28

It's that time of year again and we're redefining Mercury Retrograde.  

Instead of thinking about what we SHOULDN'T do...let's focus on where our power lies!  

After all, energy goes where intention flows...

Retrograde is our regularly scheduled second chance to slow it down and take stock of everything in our lives...with no pressure to act, simply to examine and create space.  

We can pace ourselves and use the 3 R's:  

Re-evaluate, Re-Do and Re-connect.

PRACTICE:  Use this month to go within and explore using the 3 R's.   Grab a pen and a journal and use the questions below to examine the many frequencies in your life.  Try a new question every few days to create a mindful life review.

  • what (or who) IS working for your body, mind & spirit
  • what (or who) is NOT working for your body, mind & spirit.
  • what makes you feel empowered
  • what makes you feel "de-powered"
  • what goals and intentions make you feel motivated?
  • what goals and intentions create anxiety & resistance?
  • based on the answers for each question above, ask your higher self what action steps to take to create space and then set new intention.  Write it all down so you can begin the implementation of it in August ♥

Allowing yourself to shine a light on these things in your life is the perfect reset we need and with Retrograde, you have the time to MEDITATE and PLAN for the actions you'll take in August to upgrade your life.  


Recommendations for Retrograde Support:


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