Chakra Balancing Demystified

Chakra Balancing Demystified 0

Have you heard the buzz about Chakra Balancing?  Are your friends starting to book sessions?  Is your curiosity peaked?

Chakra Balancing is gaining popularity as more and more people understand that total health in body, mind and spirit begins at the energetic level of their aura and chakras.

My expert remote Chakra Balancing Sessions were designed by myself and my healing team to be a regular part of your total health plan and to activate healing on all levels.  Let's talk a bit about is the foundation of ALL things, including your body.  The experience of feeling healthy, sick or somewhere in between has an energetic foundation so therefore, taking care of this energy is key.  Keeping your energetic foundation clean, energized and balanced is fundamental to total health and wellness.

Each day, you take care of your physical body in ways that keep you balanced and ready to face the day. You take a shower, brush your teeth, eat good food and get plenty of rest.  What if you stopped doing that?  What if you went for 30 days without taking a shower or brushing your teeth or eating good food?  You would be an absolute wreck!  Think of Chakra Balancing the same is literally a shower, feeding and balancing for your energy body which is the foundation of your physical and emotional bodies.  Anything you feel in any of your bodies has an energetic foundation and by clearing and cleansing  your aura and chakras, energizing them with fresh prana (divine life force energy) and then balancing them to maximize the flow of energy between each, is key to experiencing total health.

One of the main benefits of Chakra Balancing is being able to experience life with a clear energetic foundation,  meaning you are connecting to what you are doing, feeling and experiencing on the level of soul.  Your awareness is peaked to absorb the highest good in every moment.

Let's walk through a session...

  • Call in Divine Energy and Healing Chamber Set Up: I'll set up an energetic healing chamber by dialing into your unique frequency. This is something I've been trained to do and also, it is part of my gift in this lifetime. Within this chamber, we'll connect on the soul level in a protected and energized space where divine healing is brought to you, through me.  I am simply a channel for all healing that comes from the divine realm.
  • Aura Assessment:  I will assess your aura and check it for leaks, cracks, congestion, areas of uneven or low energy.  
  • Aura Cleanse:  Now I will sweep your aura with colored prana to cleanse all the layers.  We'll also cleanse your pranic core, health rays and soul star 8th chakra.  Cleansing is key as you must remove the old energy before applying the new.  You wouldn't pour today's fresh coffee into yesterdays unwashed cup with old coffee in it!
  • Aura Energizing:  Prana is now ready to be directed into this 8th chakra to energize your aura and reconnect your body, mind & spirit. 
  • Chakra Assessment:  Next, each of your 7 main chakras are assessed, starting at your base and continuing up to sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.  I'll feel for energy depletion, congestion (blockages from old, toxic or negative energy) and anything that indicates it needs cleansing.
  • Chakra Cleansing:  I then cleanse each of your 7 main chakras and any other areas of your body that are indicated with pranic healing sweeping and cleansing.  This is a very important and unique step to my session that combines pranic healing with my intuitive connection to your energy body's unique frequency.
  • Chakra Energizing & Balancing: Now each of your chakras are ready to be energized and we place fresh prana into each of them.
  • Stabilize and Release the Energy:  We end the session by stabilizing and releasing the energy, closing your aura to all but your higher self and those beings of the highest vibration who are with you at the choice of your soul,  closing the chamber in gratitude and putting up chakral shields to prevent the occurrence of any negative energy or psychic intrusions.

 As you can see, the session is very thorough and might even be likened to a day at the intuitive spa ♥.  Having this as part of your regular schedule is an act of self care that raises your vibration overall and prepares you for all the greatness you are ready to manifest for your life!

What you'll feel during and after the session is uniquely yours but the most common reports include a sense of wholeness, improved sleep, mental and emotional clarity, pain relief, stress relief and overall happiness.

I have 3 options for you to today to align with your best self:

1)  Chakra Balancing Single SessionCustom Session will full report emailed to you the same day.

2)  Chakra Club:  Custom Sessions automatically done monthly at a discounted rate.

3)  Archangel Sessions:  Choose one (or more) of seven sessions that target specific chakra activations under the direction of the Archangels (who oversee the chakra realms) and receive a message from them.

I can't wait to see which one you choose!

In light and healing love,







  • Danielle Tworek
Mercury is Retrograde April 9 - May 3, 2017

Mercury is Retrograde April 9 - May 3, 2017 0

It's that time of year again and we're redefining Mercury Retrograde.  

Instead of thinking about what we SHOULDN'T do...let's focus on where our power lies!  

After all, energy goes where intention flows...

Retrograde is our regularly scheduled second chance to slow it down and take stock of everything in our lives...with no pressure to act, simply to examine and create space.  

We can pace ourselves and use the 3 R's:  

Re-evaluate, Re-Do and Re-connect.

PRACTICE:  Use this month to go within and explore using the 3 R's.   Grab a pen and a journal and use the questions below to examine the many frequencies in your life.  Try a new question every few days to create a mindful life review.

  • what (or who) IS working for your body, mind & spirit
  • what (or who) is NOT working for your body, mind & spirit.
  • what makes you feel empowered
  • what makes you feel "de-powered"
  • what goals and intentions make you feel motivated?
  • what goals and intentions create anxiety & resistance?
  • based on the answers for each question above, ask your higher self what action steps to take to create space and then set new intention.  Write it all down so you can begin the implementation of it in May ♥

Allowing yourself to shine a light on these things in your life is the perfect reset we need and with Retrograde, you have the time to MEDITATE and PLAN for the actions you'll take in May to upgrade your life.  

Remember:  April is for planning, May is for implementing!


Recommendations for Retrograde Support:


Law of Abundance Checks & The New Moon

Law of Abundance Checks & The New Moon 0

Everything has a unique energetic frequency that takes form so we can recognize, interact and align with it in our earthly lives.

When you are hungry, you create a meal with the items in your kitchen.  When you want to say hi to a friend, you pick up your phone and make it happen.  

When you want to do something, you find a way to do it...and most things we do so automatically, we don't even question the energetic frequencies we are aligning with to manifest the desire.  In the two examples above, we use the energetic frequencies of creativity and communication seamlessly in our lives daily.  

Let's talk about abundance as a frequency.   Abundance is much more than's the energetic frequency of consciously being aligned with our Source energy.  It's the conscious awareness that you are the physical manifestation of FatherMotherGod's abundance and will, and thereby are forever connected to infinite amounts of abundance, because it is what you are made of.  

This is the Law of Abundance.

There are times in our life when we feel disconnected from our true and natural state of infinite abundance.  Sometimes we have trouble recognizing the support that comes from within and has manifested all around us. 

The New Moon is a great time to use a ritual that reminds us of and recharges our abundant nature.  The energy of the new moon can align our core energy to the as above, so below mentality by acting as a reset to help us release all the psychic junk we've accumulated that creates separation from Source so we are free to re-connect with our infinitely abundant nature.

One way to do this is to write a Law of Abundance check each month.  I've been writing New Moon Abundance Checks since I had a checkbook.  It was like a family event...Gram would call and remind Mom who would then tell my sister and I to get our checkbooks out.  

This is an exercise that connects your body, mind and spirit together in harmony with the law of abundance.  Each new moon period (up to 72 hours within), make a check out to yourself from the Bank of the Universe to fund your endeavors of your highest good!

Below is an example check - the blue parts are what you fill in each month.  You can use your own checks (we always did) or you can use the blank check below.  

Printable Check:  Right click on the check below, save the image to your computer and then open to print.

In light and gratitude,


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  • Danielle Tworek
Spring Equinox Ritual 2017

Spring Equinox Ritual 2017 0













Equinox comes from the Latin for 'equal night' and on Monday, March 20th at 3:28 AM Pacific Time, the Sun will cross directly over the Earth's equator. This moment is known as the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere; and the daytime hours and nighttime hours are just about equal all over the world.  

Spring Equinox, or Ostara,  is celebrated across many cultures and in many different ways.  The advent of Spring does promote one shared commonality:  this celebratory time holds the frequency of shedding the heavy introspection of winter to promote heightened fertility through the birth of new ideas and fresh intentions!  

This is a birthing of all the new frequencies you've committed to in your long winter hibernation.  By bringing into the light that which you are ready to release and by activating the new higher consciousness within, you are BALANCING your energy in ways that bring HARMONY to all.  

These new intentions translate to inspired action which equates to soul evolution and ascension energy.  As you evolve so does the New Earth.  We are co-creators in this process.   Balance within yourself is Balance for all and promotes world healing.

Our intentions for ourselves are actions that unify the entire earth vibration into a peace vibe that is evolving all things simultaneously into As Above, So Below.

Take some time this week to create a sacred space and perform your ritual to honor the light that is coming down through you during the Equinox.  

Spring Equinox Ceremony (read through in its entirety first)

1)  Gather these elements to create a sacred space for your ritual

  • A Lit Candle (Fire) is for pure energy

  • Paper and Pencil (for release work)

  • A favorite Crystal (Earth)  for intention setting

  • Flowers (to represent vital life force)

  • A Bowl of Water (unifies all the energies present). 

2)  Invoke Divine protection and gratitude for this moment.

Say out loud, "I honor the Great Spirit FatherMotherGod and all my divine guides and guests, humbly invoking divine protection in this moment.  I come forward in gratitude for the opportunity to be present as a force of peace, harmony, balance and unification which shifts the consciousness of all that is towards the highest good"

3)  Evolution is a story that involves what you've left behind, of what is no longer needed and what you've given up.  When this happens, the energy is not destroyed but transmuted to a place of receiving and allowing growth, a rebirth.  

Ask your Higher Self to seek out and identify, on an energetic level, anything left for you to dissolve and close the door on.  Write on the paper, "I release all that no longer serves" and burn it with the aid of the candle.  You can drop it into the water bowl to extinguish.  This release is instantaneous and permanent.  You are ready to receive now.

4)  Now it's time to receive the energy to activate and give birth to new intentions.  Hold your crystal in your left hand, over your heart.  Take 3 deep abdominal breaths and each time, on the inhale, say to yourself "I am totally aligned with my soul's plan and purpose"  and on the exhale say to yourself, "Everything I need to accomplish my intentions has manifested now."

5)  Now sit in your sacred space, listening to the sound of your breathing or to meditation music.  Gaze at the candle flame and the flowers, visualizing good outcomes for all your intentions and being one with your higher self, knowing you are a divine channel for love and light.

-dani tworek

Gorgeous Crystals for Spring!

Chevron Amethyst  Chevron Amethyst promotes Intuitive Development and Healing

  Carnelian activates your Sacral Chakra enhancing creativity and emotional intimacy.

  Smokey Quartz brings the Zen!  



Remote Healing is the Modern House Call

Remote Healing is the Modern House Call 0



Recently, I learned that my mother in law is receiving house calls from her chiropractor.  My heart filled with warm and loving energy when I learned this and then my team whispered in my ear..."you make energetic house calls for all your clients!"

Let's explore the idea of energetic house calls...

Healing is a dynamic process that is unique for each of us and a journey we'll embark on many times over the course of our life.  From the relatively quick healing of a papercut to the extended healing of a serious illness, the journey is one that we know entails a unique combination of factors that equate to treating the whole person:  body, mind & spirit.

What works for one person isn't a guarantee for the next - but what we do know is that healing is innate to our bodies.  Let's think about that papercut...your body knows exactly what to do when that cut happens so that the healing process begins.  You do not have to stop what you are doing and and tell your body to enable hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation and simply happens because healing is innate to our bodies.  

There is an energetic frequency called healing that we are naturally aligned with.  When you fall out of alignment with healing, my sessions remove the blockages present to your healing and activate your body's innate ability to heal.

So why do some people fall our of alignment with healing and others do not?  What triggers this innate process to activate our healing journey?

ENERGY!  Energy is both the reason behind illness and the trigger for activating your innate healing ability.

A remote healing session is the modern day house call.  Connecting to your unique energetic signature and working with your aura and chakras to facilitate healing is exactly the same as coming to your house and treating you for your illness.  In the space of your own home, healing is activated on the soul level and your comfort is key.

Your unique energetic frequency is the reason this is possible.  My expertise is in connecting to you in this way and feeling the energy of your body and your aura and chakras.  By making a connection with the energy of your illness or symptom, we begin to dissolve it and remove any blockages it's causing so that your innate ability to heal begins.  

Anytime you find yourself experiencing something that is less than healthy, happy or joyful, there is an energy causing it.  Shining a light on this energy is the first step in dissolving it and re-aligning with a frequency of healing that feels better and right for you.

All illnesses, emotions and situations have energetic roots and addressing the energetic component of you is essential to your dynamic healing journey and wellness.

Take inspired action today and experience my 5 Star Chakra Balancing at a special First Time Client Discount. Use code: FirstTime at checkout to get the session for .

And please, if you are feeling sick and need fast relief, use my Acute Healing Session. Activating your body's innate ability to heal is a vital part of total health.

In light and healing love!


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Chakratopia Power Tool:  Smudging

Chakratopia Power Tool: Smudging 0

We are used to keeping the energy within our body, mind and spirit cleansed and balanced (think chakra balancing, deep breathing and release rituals). This concept is part of your total health plan and dynamic healing journey.  But sometimes, we do all the tried and true rituals of self care and yet there is still a stagnant feeling around us...sometimes we just feel

  • less energetic than normal
  • consistently tired and not comfortable in your own space
  • uneasy, unrelaxed or negative
  • bogged down or like there is a heavy energy in your own home...

These can be your indicators that it's probably time to SMUDGE!   Smudging is the act of burning tightly wound bundles of plants and using the smoke as part of a sacred ritual for cleansing the energy of a room, home, person, space or item.  

When we think of smudging, sage comes to mind as it is commonly used for it's simultaneous cleansing and healing properties. Using the practice of smudging cleanses your spaces, your body and your things of unwanted, uninvited, heavy, negative or simply old energy that is weighing you down.

Pro Tip:  I have found that this is a good practice that can be incorporated into your New or Full Moon Rituals as an easy and timely reminder to cleanse the energy of your space, car or intuitive tools on a regular basis.  New Moon = time to smudge!

Smudging is something that has it's place in even the most calm and inviting homes (why do you think they are so inviting? ☺)  and you do not need to be a shaman or a specially trained healer to practice smudging.  There is no need to feel intimidated or otherwise unequipped to smudge your home regularly - take advantage of this handy ritual on a regular basis!   

Smudging 101


  • A candle and fire source like matches or lighter
  • Sage or smudge of choice
  • A fireproof container for the sage such as an abalone shell or smudge pot
  • Feather *optional* ( I personally don't use a feather)

How To:

  1. Declutter your spaces and crack the windows.  Preparation for smudging in this manner ensures the readiness of the room.
  2. Light your candle and quiet your mind, centering yourself with your higher consciousness.
  3. Set the intention.  This is how all rituals/session/healings begin.  Set the intention to cleanse your space (body, car, item...) of all old, toxic and negative energy that is no longer needed for your highest good.
  4. Light the tip of your smudge stick with the candle until you see a flame.  Gently blow on it until it is smoldering, not on fire any longer.  Hold it over your smudge pot or shell while you are doing this to catch any ash.
  5. If you are smudging your home, it's best done room by room.  Stand in the center of the room and wave the smudge stick clockwise with the intention of flushing out all negative energy and filling the space with blessings.
  6. Move to each corner of the room and wave the smudge stick in the spaces there. Traditionally in native American smudging ceremonies, you start in the East where the Sun rises, then move to the South, then to the West where the Sun sets and finally to the North
  7. Once you've done all the rooms, closets, your car, etc...come back to the room you started in and extinguish your smudge stick.  Say a prayer of thanks or a closing statement of gratitude.
  8. You may also smudge your body and any items of your choosing such as intuitive tools or crystals.  

Incorporating this ritual into your life will uplift you and your family's energy and keep a feeling of clarity and peace within your home and on your person.  Your intention is key when practicing this smudging ritual and you can confidently move forward knowing you are bringing good energy into your home.

Below is the smudging kit I use the most, it's featured in the photo at the top of the blog.

In light and love,