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Dani Tworek Expert Remote Healer

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Handmade crystal gifts to enrich your life and the lives of your loved ones and friends...empower yourself and those you care about.

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Remote Healing Sessions, Chakra balancing, pranic healing


Keeping your energy body cleansed, balanced and fortified is a vital component to total health.  Remote Healing helps you feel better fast, removes blockages to health and abundance and aligns you with your higher self to manifest your best life!

Healing Sessions and Chakra Balancing
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Our readings deliver guidance and offer inspiring information to guide you towards your highest good.  There are 4 customs types of readings available for you!

Crystal Designs by Chakratopia


Crystal energy is the perfect component to support your intentions, create sacred space and activate healing and protection.  Our designs are made in house and all our crystals are authentic, cleansed and energized on demand for you!

Custom Crystal Designs


A library of meditations and eBooks that provide you instant access to empowering information.  When you need something for your intuitive toolbox, find it here!

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Join a prayer list, use my FREE Meditations and learn empowering rituals all in this FREE RESOURCES page.

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Remote Healing happens on the soul level.

No phone calls or in person appointments means there is no time taken away from your busy days.

Modern Healing Sessions to accommodate your lifestyle.

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Read What Others Are Saying About Our REmote Healing

I'm so excited about my reading!  You are spot on with everything.  I needed to hear what your reading said today because it's a confirmation to what I have been feeling and what I know inside.  It's also extremely encouraging.  I'm on cloud nine right now.  I can feel your love and sincerity with every session you perform for us so thank you from the depths of our hearts!!!

R.I. May 2019

I contacted Dani for a session for my daughter. She had a cold, an upper respiratory infection, and virus induced asthma. Before her session, my daughter was wheezing, breathing fast, very low energy and also very cranky, I could not believe the difference in such a short amount of time! Dani is amazing and I will definitely be making use of this beautiful and oh so reassuring service she offers. Thank you, Dani!

L.M. September 2017

Excellent chakra alignment and analysis

Thank you I literally felt like I was picked up and off the ground when the alignment was done. Looking forward to working with you in the future! 

T. February 2019

Super Healing

Wonderful second time using super healing helped me to start feeling amazing and heal don’t hesitate to try 

Tammy February 2019

Dani is amazing!!!  Dani's work has completely exceeded my expectations! She is extremely knowledgeable and very intuitive. She and her team (team Nanette), are truly there to work for your highest good. Dani is also a very loving individual and puts her heart and soul into every session. I'm always so pleased with the outcome and I always feel better than I did before. I have made Dani my go-to person. She is the best!!!

Reality May 2019

It felt good to make the connection. I highly recommend this session. Dani gave great feedback. I am truly amazed at her gift. How does she know things about you! She does! Go for it! Find out for yourself. 

Lory October 2017

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