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I contacted Dani for a session for my daughter. She had a cold, an upper respiratory infection, and virus induced asthma. Before her session, my daughter was wheezing, breathing fast, very low energy and also very cranky, I could not believe the difference in such a short amount of time! Dani is amazing and I will definitely be making use of this beautiful and oh so reassuring service she offers. Thank you, Dani!

L.M. September 2017

This session was the best investment I have made in a long time. My energy is soaring and I feel more in balance with everything that presents itself. I will be back for maintenance. Thank you so much, Dani! xo 

Natalie July 2017

It felt good to make the connection. I highly recommend this session. Dani gave great feedback. I am truly amazed at her gift. How does she know things about you! She does! Go for it! Find out for yourself. 

Lory October 2017

You are amazing!  I can not tell you how thankful I am for your kindness and help!  I appreciate all you are doing in trying to better our community! Have a great night!

Caleb October 2017

The bracelets arrived today and are perfect. I need to tell you that this purchasing process, the notifications and the updates are truly handled professionally. Not something I see from smaller shops today, or even larger businesses other
than maybe Amazon. Thanks.

RIck August 2017

This session totally shifted things in my world to be more lovingly positive and successful. My utmost gratitude to you, your team and AA Raphael for all of the help!!!

Laura July 2017

How We Work Together

Start to Feel Better in Your Own Home


Chronic Pain? 

Stuck in your Healing Journey? 

It's time to look to your aura and chakras.  Experience my expert remote sessions and start feeling better.  Energy Medicine addresses your entire being at the soul level...and the best part?  You never have to leave home.

Activate Healing

Club Seven - Intuitive Mentoring in my Private Group

Intuitive Mentoring and Life Empowerment

This private group provides 24/7 access to the tools, information and support you need to create the rituals in life that manifest the best for you.

Meeting on Facebook and via email, you receive daily, weekly and monthly tools that will connect you with your higher self, your intuitive power and the resources needed to experience your amazing life.

You've Found Your Tribe

Archangel Sessions & Messages Chakra Boosters

Feeling Out of Touch with Joy?

Having trouble setting boundaries?

Need to tap into abundance?

A Chakratopia Exclusive, these sessions attune you to a specific Archangel who works with your Chakra to clear any blockages and activate your intentions.  These sessions are totally unique and provide healing, intuitive guidance and a message for you!

Archangel Chakra Sessions

Custom Made for You by Chakratopia

The Universe Moves when You Move


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