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Self Guided Workshop Ebook:  Energetic Cord Cutting

Self Guided Workshop Ebook: Energetic Cord Cutting

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This Workshop is the form of an Ebook so you always have quick access to this ritual of empowerment.

It is your guide that teaches you about the energy of cords between yourself and another person or situation, then give you the steps to dissolve the cords with the help of the angels of the violet flame.

The format is such that you can work through the Ebook as a self guided workshop and you will learn all about

  • the energy of relationships
  • what are energetic cords
  • how to recognize if there are unhealthy cords that need to be cut
  • the technique to cut energetic cords

This Ebook is printable if you prefer a hard copy.

With the help of the divine angels, you have the power to shift your energy to a higher vibration and move forward in life unencumbered!

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