Meet Dani


My Soul Centered Mission
I am Dani Tworek, a channel for divine healing energy & intuitive guidance, in place to help you activate your innate ability to heal in body, mind and spirit and to deliver intuitive guidance that assists you in moving forward for your highest good.


    How I Help You Feel Better 

    After a near death experience in 1990, I began to awaken my natural intuitive and healing gifts and I realized that there is so much more going on than meets the eye!  The energy that makes up everything, the divine life force, is what connects us all to each other and to frequencies that exist in the universe to help every single one of us.  

    Over the last 27 years, I have developed an expertise in tuning into your unique energetic signature and have learned to work with the energetic foundation of your body:  your aura and chakras.  Through this energy, we remove blockages to healing and add fresh prana (divine life force energy) to your aura and chakras which activates your natural healing ability.  This is all done in a healing chamber, sort of like an energetic phone call.  I tune into you and access the subtle energy of your body and then your body responds in the way that it is naturally capable of.  This is what it means to be a channel for healing.  I am not actually healing you - you are healing yourself!  I simply move the nasty blockages out of the way and transfer fresh energy to the chakras so they can begin the healing process.

    The beauty of this is that it's done in your own home anywhere in the world.  This energetic link between us isn't bound by time and space and the healing works the same way as if we are together in the same room. 


    A session with me is like an energetic day at the spa - it's like a detox that lightens your load in body, mind and spirit.  The Energy medicine that I practice is a necessary compliment to your existing healing plan and journey.  Your total healing plan is not complete without addressing the energy behind your situation and that's how my work helps you feel better.

    The best first step is my 5 Star Chakra Balancing Session.  Don't take my word for it, read the reviews!

    Energy Medicine is appropriate for all situations:  Acute (Flu, Colds, Cough, Migraine...)  Chronic (Arthritis, Infertility, Pain Management)  Psychological (PTSD, Depression) and for Children (I treat children regularly to expedite healing).

    When you request a session, I will contact you within 24 hours (or the same day for Acute) to consult and get your session on the books.   Asking is key!  It shows the universe you are ready to heal and gets the process going.  

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    So good to meet you!




    The formal stuff:
    • Bachelor of Science, University of Michigan 1993
    • Chakra Therapy Certification 2011
    • Credentials of Ministry 2011
    • Certified Angel Card Reader 2011
    •  Advanced Pranic Healing Practitioner 2012