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Custom Weekly Healing Series

Custom Weekly Healing Series

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Do you work in healthcare or with the public? Are you surrounded by people or energy all day in the service industry?  Are you feeling stuck in your journey?  Are you trying to move forward, out of a challenging situation?

If you are ready to focus on activating healing for a specific intention or situation, this series is for you. 

If you are trying to move forward physically, mentally or emotionally, to break through to the next level, this series is for you.

If you are working of manifesting love, better relationships or any situation that needs commitment and focus, this series is for you.

Think of me as your personal healer and spiritual concierge for a month at a time as we work with your energy weekly, to support and manifest your personal evolution.

If you answered yes to any of the above or you feel it's time to commit to intentions that raise your frequency, it's vital to cleanse your energy regularly and stay energized and protected from all the physical and energetic crud out there.

Keeping your aura and chakras aligned with the frequency of your highest good intentions is key to experiencing the results you are looking for.

This once per week custom healing series (taken one month at a time) came about naturally after I'd worked with clients for a period of time and we realized that a weekly cleanse and energizing really kept them on track for health and wellness, in all their bodies.

This series is for you if you are ready to commit to manifesting health, staying free of energetic congestion picked up during the week and you are ready to evolve and grow in ways you weren't even aware of.

It is truly transformational and allows you to experience the unlimited potential you have to heal, thrive and grow.

This session works especially well for:

  • teachers
  • healthcare professionals/nurses/doctors
  • business owners
  • hairdressers
  • first responders
  • healers and practitioners of all kinds
  • hospitality 
  • service industry
  • people who are ready to break free of limitations and commit to an empowered healing experience

Once ordered, I'll consult via email and together we'll develop a session based on your intentions and goals.  I'll work on you the same day each week for a month and contact you with your custom report, along with any messages or guidance I receive.

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Every Session is Customized for You

Healing is not one size fits all. Once you order a session from me, I'll send you an email consult within 48 hours to learn all about your needs.

I'll design your session based on the highest and greatest good healing that is perfect just for you!

As soon as you ask for healing, the universe organizes the energy to bring it to you in the way that feels best, according to your needs ♥