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Remote Home & Space Cleansing

Remote Home & Space Cleansing

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This session will remotely cleanse the energy of your home and spaces.

The energy of your space can get congested just like your aura.  When people come in and out of your home and business, they can leave unwanted energy and negative or heavy vibrations - this is something that can build up over time and affect your life in not so good ways.  It's important to cleanse the energy of your spaces regularly.

This session is also excellent for moving into a new space or business - it removes the old, outdated energy that may be lingering.

Works very well in your business spaces - removes congestion and energizes the space for prosperity & abundance.

I've developed a very effective triple-layered technique that incorporates:

  • Archangel Michael Energy & Violet Flame Energy to cleanse and remove any negative, unwanted, congested or stagnant energy
  • Sound Frequencies to harmonize the energy of your space.  The energy of sound travels within our healing chamber to bring healing harmony to your spaces.  I use an antique Tibetan singing bowl for this, it's very special and very healing.
  • Remote healing techniques to infuse your space with protection, divine healing prana and positive energy.

This session is perfect for you if you feel the energy of your house is stagnant, if there is a feeling of heavy or otherwise uninvited energy,  if it's been more than a month since your last cleanse or simply because you can feel that it's time.

Just like you keep your energy balanced, the energy of your spaces can have negative effects on you if it's full of old, negative or stale frequencies.

This session, like all my sessions, comes with a full report once complete as well as some actions you can take to keep your home energetically clean.

Client Testimonial 7/21/20:

Thanks so much for cleaning. In fact, I feel lighter and more peaceful.
I returned after 4 months and felt the house energetically heavy and even though you balanced me, with the house so dirty I was not calm. In fact, when I had the chakra energy cleansing done, that also made the house energy have greater effect on me.
You should do the chakra and home balance package together!

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Every Session is Customized for You

Healing is not one size fits all. Once you order a session from me, I'll send you an email consult within 48 hours to learn all about your needs.

I'll design your session based on the highest and greatest good healing that is perfect just for you!

As soon as you ask for healing, the universe organizes the energy to bring it to you in the way that feels best, according to your needs ♥