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A Peek Inside My Healing Chamber

Remote Healing Sessions Demystified


Total healing is a dynamic journey that addresses you on all levels, body, mind and spirit.  Symptoms of illness or disease arise in the physical body from an imbalance in the energetic foundations of one or more of our other bodies: emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual body. 

For true healing to occur, the energetic foundations of any illness or situation that needs healing must be addressed.  Energy medicine addresses the energetic reasons behind illnesses & situations of all types by cleansing the congested energy that is blocking you from moving forward on your healing path and adding fresh, divine healing energy in it's place to activate your innate ability.  When you address healing from this standpoint, you understand you are your own healer and I am just the one who guides you to it.  

Remote Energy Healing addresses your aura and chakras in such a way that activates your body's innate healing ability, without being in the same room, in the same city or even on the phone!

How My Expert Remote Sessions Work

Just like you can text a friend across the globe and the message reaches them clearly and instantly,  I am able to dial into your unique energetic frequency through setting up a remote healing chamber.  When we text a friend who is far away, we don't even give it a second thought.  We know we are dialing the right person and that the message is delivered instantly.  This happens millions of times per day between people all over the world.  These types of interactions are possible through a unique energetic frequency that you dial to connect with your specific friend. 

This is exactly how I connect with you to set up our divine healing chamber and work with you remotely.  I am able to dial your unique energetic frequency and tune into your aura and chakras and align with them within a healing chamber that is a secure line only between us.  The reason I am able to do this is because I understand how to activate, tap into and recognize energetic frequencies between people.  I've trained extensively, practiced, done thousands of sessions and I understand that I am a channel for healing...healing energy comes from the divine realms, through me, so I can help you.


Healing comes from the divine realms and healers are people who are able to channel that divine energy and bring it to earth and to those who ask for it.  Healers are conduits for activating this divine energy.  We understand we activate your body's innate ability to heal, which is divine in nature and all because of the divine life force of which you are a part.

A Peek Into My Healing Chamber

When we work together, we'll agree on an appointed time and day.  You do not have to take any time our of your busy day to meet or call me - your higher self is present for the session simply because you've asked for it.  You've set the intention.   Some of my clients prefer to lie down, nap or meditate during our session but it is not necessary for amazing results. 

I'll begin with a prayer and and then set up our group energy field that acknowledges FatherMotherGod from which all healing comes.   The group energy field set up uses my intuitive ability and Crystalline Consciousness Techniques whereby I connect to your soul's unique energy (like dialing your phone number) and bring you into the chamber with my energy and that of my divine healing team.

I then call on my healing guides, specifically Archangel Raphael, to be in charge of the session, to transmute any negative energy and also to surround the chamber in gold and silver light for protection, guidance and healing.

Next, I'll set up your healing intentions that we've discussed prior to our session and then I'll begin working with the pranic healing protocols and I'll also intuit what my team has chosen for you.  There are specific protocols for all conditions and for all situations...we work on everything from headache and flu to depression and infertility to relationship repair and chakra balancing.   Pranic healing protocols are "recipes" that detail the steps for me to take during our session - they combine work on your aura and specific chakras by clearing and cleansing them and then placing fresh prana in specific areas and with specific colors that coordinate and activate the healing process.  I also add in any steps and deliver messages per my team.

At the end of the protocol and session, we give thanks and seal your aura and chakras so that your healing can activate without any new negative energy or psychic intrusions into your system.

This process is one that combines my studies and my intuitive guidance from my team.  It's tested and has been used thousands of times. 

Total healing is a dynamic journey that we all have the opportunity to take - distance does not matter!

CHAKRA BALANCING:  An excellent place to start and way to maintain your health

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ACUTE HEALING SESSIONS:  Get relief fast for acute situations such as colds, flu, migraines, sinusitis, food poisoning...

To experience healing, please explore all my sessions.  I will contact you to discuss your goals and we'll begin with a consult.  You'll also be emailed a detailed report after each session.

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