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Discontentment, Distraction and Self-Absorption, OH MY! 
April 14 - 20, 2024
Are you feeling any of the above?  You are not alone!  The mid-retrograde slump hit us hard last week, along with post-eclipse intensity.  This week, things are going to turn a corner.
Shine your light onto the feelings that are causing energetic congestion; anything that has to do with discontent, distraction and self-absorption.  


Card of the Week:  Four of Water

Spirit is reminding us that now is a good time to emerge from the slump and to allow all the feelings to come to light.  The stirring within you to shift your energy from discontent to opportunity and motivation, is your higher self nudging you to get moving and focus on gratitude.

Notice the cups on this card - there is limitless abundance shining down on you and it's a never ending cup of divine opportunity. 

How to access this feeling, instead of discontentment, is by looking at what's right in front of you and being grateful for it.  There is so much support around you right now - just reach out and grab your cup!

The Vibe & Message for This Week  

Massive gratitude for all the little things brings motivation and opportunity in multitudes! 


Here's how to shift your energy:

  • When negative and non-supportive feelings come up, notice them and shine your light on them, they are there for a reason.
  • Take a deep breath and focus on the feeling and say, "I honor this feeling and realize it is a sign for me to re-align with my full potential in this moment."  
  • Make the connection that the feeling is a speed bump to redirect you to a a new perspective and to a space of abundance. 
  • Then look around and look within, and place your awareness on the things, people, resources and gifts you already have.  Let yourself sink into this feeling a pure love and joy for the journey.
  • Use that motivation to channel new ideas and take inspired action!
    When you do this, you will understand that the feeling was a sign to realign with the opportunity right in front of you to shift your energy to a place of power.  Feelings can be little reminders that fear is an illusion and we have limitless power to change any moment into a loving moment.

      Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!



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