Weekly Vibe: Chamuel's Message + Full Moon Energy

Scorpio Full Moon Brings Deep Realization & Inner Magic
April 21st - April 27th
Big Transitions, Clarity & Power


The Full Moon in Scorpio is Tuesday, April 23rd.  Astrologically, when a full moon is in Scorpio, there is a shadowy feeling of heaviness and congestion, like it's hard to express yourself.   This is not a bad thing, it's in play to help you seek clarity and align with your inner power.

For the energy vibe of the week, Chamuel helps us understand this energy, with a message about transformative work through the inner magic of intuition.

 Card of the Week:  #16 Life Experience Archangel Chamuel
                                               Angel Tarot Radleigh Valentine


This full pink Scorpio moon is aligning us with some powerful things:

  • truths will surface
  • finding clarity
  • you can deal with your personal reality and take control of yourself: triggers, fears, shadow sides...it's all being seen so you can liberate yourself from it
  • write it all out and burn it with the full moon
  • focus on the feeling of empowerment in all situations

Chamuel's Message & the Weekly Vibe

All that you have been through this year has been about moving you into your power.  Suffering, hardship and questioning your self-worth is the contrast you chose to experience, because you are ready to move into a higher state of consciousness.  The inner knowing that you are ready for this has been underlying all the energy of the year thus far.  Shine that light of the moon on the things, people and situations you are ready to release and replace with powerful actions and rituals that support your soul's plan.  Use the energy of your heart to forgive yourself and anyone in your life that has been seemingly blocking you from forward momentum.  Now is the time to embrace all the potential of your life and take the steps to manifest your highest good.  

    Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!



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