Jesus' Message for Easter Week 2024

Week of March 31st - April 5th, 2024


Love is always the answer

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The energy forecast this week is a very clear and simple message:  CHOOSE LOVE

Jesus' energy is strong this week as we come together as a collective to remember his message and for many, it's not religious at all.  It's about the example of unconditional love and the power it has to shift everything.

That is the reason we are here:  to learn how to love through all the moments that life provides and the knowing that we are connected to the Source of all love, infinite and all healing.

Through his life, Jesus experienced people and circumstances that were fearful, hateful and violent, and through it all, he found the grace in the moment and chose love time and again.

By BEING the energy of love, through thought, word and action - he showed us that is the path to ascension.  He showed us what to do and when we use his example, we grow empowered at the soul level.  This is the path to ascension, to seek love, peace, harmony and community.

Jesus' example and life was literally the turning point for humanity - he let us know that OUR actions of love and kindness align us with the way, the truth and the light.  When we show loving kindness to ALL, we raise our vibration and grow closer to our soul's power here on Earth. 

And this is not to say we have to allow hate, misogyny and racism to run rampant - we do not have to be doormats and accept negativity.  What we do have the power to do is use our voices for positive change.  We can speak for those who are oppressed or who are not as easily heard.  We can speak for those who do not enjoy the same privilege that we do.  We can take inspired actions of service and of compassion.  We can spread the message of love for ALL and allow people to make their own choices based on fairness and equality. 

When we use our voice to express love and respect, we are embracing empowerment and do not answer to hate or anything negative with more negativity.  Everyone deserves the chance to live their lives on their terms when love is the focus.  When love is the focus, there is harmony, respect and equality. When love is the focus, we are not threatened by other's actions or opinions and we learn from one another, creating growth and mutual respect. 

This is the path, we are the key to our ascension.   No one is coming to save you.  You are your own savior.  And we have unlimited chances to keep trying, through in forgiving others, we are also forgiven.

The message today is about finding peace through choosing love over fear in every moment.  When in doubt, think about Jesus' example and be brave by choosing love.

Mantra on Love

"I am divine love taken form!  Loved, loving and beloved in all directions of time.  Through love, I am healed."

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you!
Much love and gratitude,
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