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Weekly Messages for August 20th - August 26th
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~ Mercury is Retrograde Wednesday, Aug 23 - Thursday, Sept 14th ~

It's time for our regularly scheduled second chance!
The card for this week is a loving reminder from Spirit to set the expectancy and go into this Retrograde period as an opportunity - think of it as a light energy period where we are given space to evolve!
Please read the 4 R's of Mercury Retrograde Redesigned below...


CARD of the WEEK

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(Angel Tarot Radleigh Valentine)

Mercury in Retrograde is an opportunity to reset, reevaluate, redo and reconnect.  These are all empowering frequencies during this time period and it's no longer a time to run and hide! 

We are using this regularly scheduled second chance to put the 4 R's into play: 

Reevaluate, Redo, Reconnect & Reset

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  From August 23 - September 14th,  Mercury is Retrograde. 

What does this mean? 
Simply put, Mercury orbits the sun faster than Earth and it periodically passes us up. When Mercury goes retrograde, we may visualize it as turning around and coming back at us. This is NOT what actually happens, it only appears to do so.

Visualize this:  You (Earth) are driving faster than a slow moving train and you pass the train (Mercury). As you watch the train, it looks like it’s moving backwards. Has this ever happened to you when you were driving?  It’s a very weird illusion and the retrograde phenomenon occurs in the same way.  Earth’s orbit is much bigger than Mercury and 3-4 times a year we will pass Mercury and the relative position of the planets will create the Retrograde Phenomenon.

Speaking energetically, the Retrograde period conjures up a mental list of all the things you can’t do because the Retrograde effect will ensure it’s failure. This “moving backwards” has been blamed for the undoing of and failure to connect for various projects.

In the past, we had a strict list of things to NOT do during Retrograde, lest you ensure their imminent failure:

  • no signing contracts
  • no starting new projects
  • not making any major commitments
  • no major purchases, etc….

Mercury in Retrograde is getting a bad rap! The true meaning and purpose of Retrograde is the opportunity for us to reevaluate, redo, reconnect and reset.

It’s the ultimate second chance and it happens around 3 times per year. What a gift!

The universe is designed to bring us all to joy. As such, Retrograde is set up so that you may slow your pace and take stock of your body, mind and spirit and up your game in any way that feels right to you.

It’s time to use the Retrograde energy to take a step back, look at things with objectivity and raise the bar.  Ask yourself

  • what's working? 
  • what's not working? 
  • who and what are adding value to my life? 
  • who are what are depleting my energy?
  • why am I experiencing resistance or blockages in many situations?

The energy of pausing before we act and looking at what we are about to sign, purchase, say, communicate and connect with, is an amazing practice and intuitive tool put in place to help us Reevaluate, Redo, Reconnect & Reset.  This is what the Retrograde period does for us - it heightens our awareness of ourselves so we can get out of any ruts and connect to things in a way that is more empowering.

How to Thrive During Retrograde:


  • Find time to go within and retreat to your sacred, divine space daily. This could consist of 5 minutes a day where you REEVALUATE by being still and letting the energy flow in and out of you, simply breathing.  MEDITATE.
  • This could also consist of you placing your AWARENESS on things you are doing out of habit. Are these things really serving you?  Stay home on Friday night, make a new meal instead of the same old lunch...shake it up! 


  • Having made time to Re-Evaluate your choices for each moment, you can feel confident as you move forward with the things you are INSPIRED to commit to. These REDO’S are born out of divine inspiration, not out of old thought patterns of “should” or what worked before. Find a new way of doing things in your daily life that inspire joy.
  • Things of a creative nature are especially important – pay attention to inspiration to research new projects.  Now is the time to get plans going, so when it's time to take action, you are ready.  Divine inspiration will inspire you to REDO your process to reach a goal. Also, be open to a completely different goal!


  • The RECONNECT comes into play by taking this Retrograde period to connect with your Highest Self. Commit to a spiritual practice that dissolves boundaries between you and the invisible world.
  • Your dreams will be realized and your path is discovered when the phones, laptops and televisions are off. Listen to the sound of your breathing – that is where the secret to life lies. Meditate, walk, try yoga – just commit to something that RECONNECTS you to the Universe, of which you are an integral part.


  • Create space during this time period to SLOW DOWN and RESET your energy.  Go to bed a half hour earlier and read, wind down naturally.  
  • RESET your energy by disrupting your own patterns.  Staying aware of what your heart leads you to, honoring your body and your mind in the process.  Health is a wholeness idea.

 EMBRACE your POWER and keep things light during this RETROGRADE period - be open, aware and allow all the inspiration for change and the 4 R's to guide you.



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