New Moon Message For You!


This New Moon period is certainly a welcomed and much needed energy for us as we find ourselves in the midst of 5 planets in retrograde.

Mercury in Retrograde seems like a walk in the park compared to right now where we have Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (it's still a regular planet to me!)

The New Moon energy is always a wonderful opportunity to reset and gain clarity and this one is especially attuned to burying the past and looking to the future.  When we combine the retrograde lesson of "one step forward, two steps back" with the potential energy of New Moon reset - we are very effectively healing and burying the past and old patterns while bringing in the inspiration and ideas of an empowering future.

This week, the new moon energy is nudging us to hit the energetic reset button and awaken to the potential of all the situations we find ourselves in.  Even if things are not going the way you had planned (retrograde), removing the mind's limits on HOW and WHAT is possible and connecting to the energy of the potential of what IS happening is the advice from spirit.

Place your awareness on your daily moments with neutrality and ask yourself, "what is possible right now given the current conditions to activate the highest good outcome?"

Beginning your day with this type of mindset will create a lasting habit of gratitude and opportunity.  It also helps you understand your connection to your higher self and's all in the asking, daily!

Committing to new rituals such as this and using intuitive tools during the new moon can begin a phase of connecting to higher consciousness and aligning more fully with your soul's plan for this lifetime.

You are a being of light, in place here by choice, to evolve into joy more fully each day! 

Intuitive Development and Awakening (IDA) may be the next step on your journey!

Om Shanti,



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