Equinox Empowerment Ritual

Autumn Equinox 2017

The Equinox is Friday, September 22nd at 1:02 PM Pacific Time.  This powerful time marks the transition from summer to fall as we say thank you for all that we've experienced in the time of the Sun and turn towards the thoughtful and empowering time to go within and bring forth powerful change

During this time we are not the only ones undergoing change, so is Mother Earth.  Her tumultuous energy cannot be ignored and by using this ritual, you can honor her as well as your role as divine healer and bringer of light at this time.

Set aside some time over the next few days and try this powerful ritual:

1)  Gather all the elements of Mother Earth

  • Fire (a candle, a fire pit or your fireplace)
  • Water (a glass of water is fine)
  • Earth (some crystals, stones or dirt)
  • Air (this is within you, your breath)

2)  Center your energy by deep breathing for 3 rounds

3)  Focus on the energy of each element by gazing and/or holding them in your hands.  Feel each element and look deeply into the fire...You are connecting to the energy of each and aligning with the part of you that is a part of them. 

4)  Say aloud, "In gratitude, I release all that has transpired from the season of the sun.  The past season of experiences has prepared me for the manifestation of the next part of my soul's plan   I connect with mother earth, all her people and all her creatures as a powerful bringer of healing love and light.  Anything that is not of love is released into the fire now and I am filled with the Light, which supports my highest good intentions.  I move forward now, totally empowered and full of love."

These actions help you focus, release and set new intention for this season.

In light and healing love,



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