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Weekly Messages for July 30th - August 5th
Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week. 
We are given a focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!
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Full Moon Manifestation

This week we've got the first of 2 Super Moons in August.  This first Full Moon is Tuesday, August 1st, in the sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius was my maternal grandmother's sun sign and it's my moon sign so whenever a Full Aquarius Moon happens, I feel especially powerful in my divine feminine energy.

Something very special happened on the day I began to write this blog and the results of the connection I made that day ended up being the actual blog below!

                 The Blue Flame Starseed Oracle Rebecca Campbell Haniel, The High Priestess Angel Tarot, Radleigh Valentine, Doreen Virtue, Dani Tworek, Seattle

(Starseed Oracle Rebecca Campbell & Angel Tarot Radleigh Valentine)


Here is what happened just before I sat down to write this blog...occasionally I get an email from a "random" (nothing is random!) person and they ask me for healing guidance.  I was writing an email to a lovely women as she had asked me how to move forward, out of a loop of trying to manifest a better life but seemingly getting the same ol' shit over and over.

It's always interesting what happens when I guide people I've not worked with before and I ask my team how to approach the conversation, so the highest good information is received.  The guidance I shared with her is below and after you read it, you'll see why it not only was for her, but based on the moon cycle and the cards I've drawn, it's meant to be shared with you as well!

How to Create Space for Divine Manifestation:

One of my pranic healing teachers used to say that coffee tastes best from a clean and fresh cup.  If you leave yesterday's coffee in your cup and then wake up and pour fresh coffee into the cup, over the old stuff, it kinda ruins the fresh coffee.
The lesson here is that it's easier to experience what you want and how you want to feel when you start with a clean slate.
It's important to make room in your life so the best experiences can present themselves, without being tainted by old, stagnant energy.
There's also the element of change involved here...if you keep doing the same things and getting the same results, something has to change.
Thus, the first step in any process is to clear out the old energy through the releasing of behaviors, situations, people and activities that don't support your amazing future vision of yourself.
I know this is easier said than done so I find that making lists helps.
Think about your ideal vision of yourself in terms of what you are trying to manifest.
Picture yourself on the other side of everything you want, do not worry about how you are going to get there.
How do you feel?  Successful?  Abundant? Secure? 
Make a list of how the ideal vision of you feels and describe those feelings.  For example, "I feel successful because each day I radiate divine service and clearly communicate what is best for myself and my team."    
Once you have your list of how the ideal version of yourself feels, shine a light on your life right now.
What is not in alignment with your greatest outcomes?
Are you holding onto past situations/grudges?  Do you feel anxiety or compare yourself to others?  Are you staying up too late and not fresh for work each day?  Are you missing out on learning opportunities that will help you get where you need to go because you are distracted by friends or social things? 
What I'm getting at is you need to release behaviors and situations that no longer serve.
The universe is always supporting you to succeed and anything that isn't loving has got to go.  Ditch any feelings of insecurity or past guilt or shame.  These are just data points that got you to where you are now, the past does not define you.
You have everything inside you that you need to succeed.  You just need to uncover it.
Also, a deep energy cleanse is important, to get rid of the energy that you may be hanging onto in your aura and chakras - it's part of the process but not the only part.
Releasing the old and resetting your energy is a process that is so good for you!  
It takes time and effort but soon you'll have the space in your life to start receiving the energy of manifestation, because you've made the room for it.  You've removed distractions and now you can begin to meditate daily, make plans and listen to your inner voice.
You'll have time and space to add in things that support your journey and take inspired action.
Everyone's journey is unique and beautiful and it's important to be patient and compassionate with yourself.
Anything that happened in the past has brought you to this moment of awareness, release anything that is not supportive and know you are being guided by your higher self.

Energy Forecast:

It's a week of awakening!  It's time to use the energy of the full moon to shine brightly on eliminating what is no longer serving you and to fully embrace what your intuition is telling you, to rise up in your power.

I pulled the Blue Flame card first and received the message of awakening and then I was nudged to draw from the Angel Tarot and received the Archangel Haniel as confirmation. 

I mean, LOOK AT BOTH IMAGES - THEY ARE THE SAME FORM!  Sorry for all caps, this just blows me away with gratitude, love and confirmation.



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Much gratitude!
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