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Weekly Messages for October 8th - October 14th
Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week. 
We are given a focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!
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~ Change & Transformation ~

Thus far, the fall season is ripe with the energy of motivation, transformation and change!  Our personal evolution energy is leading us towards so many inspired actions!  And don't worry if you aren't feeling it so much more below.


CARD of the WEEK
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Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine

The new moon in Libra + a partial solar eclipse is happening this Saturday, October 14th. 

When I was asking my guides for the energy forecast for this week, they directed my attention to the astrology and how it relates to supporting our current intentions.  And then I drew the card above - a clear message that it's time to poopoo or get off the pot!

The energy forecast speaks to the energy of release combined with the delivery of information that requires action.  There is no more waiting around to see what happens, it's time to make your plans and take the steps towards what is meant for you.

Eclipse energy shakes things up, brings clarity and not so gently nudges us to reset our energy.

The forecast this week is to pay attention to the signs you are getting all week long and into the next week, to enact personal transformation on a level that may scare you at first, but after you take the time to shine your light on it, you'll find your center and align with your inner power to achieve what you believe to be your next big move.

At some point this weekend, make the space to honor where you've been and then don't look back!  Embrace what your heart and mind are focused on and nudging you towards, and then make a plan to fearlessly begin a powerful journey of manifestation. 







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