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Weekly Messages for July 9th - 15th
Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week. 
We are given a focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!
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When You Share Freely & Fearlessly, You Radiate Limitless Abundance

Archangel Gabriel is our divine messenger this week and they are bringing us a clear message about sharing is caring.
When we think of abundance, we usually think about resources coming TO us.  Gabriel's message is the opposite!  Read more below...
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Gabriel is reminding us that when we share, in any capacity but especially in the form of self-expression from creative and compassionate intentions, this is abundance taken form through our body, as a vessel for the soul.

The pure potential that you hold in any moment to share your love, through art, spoken word, projects, the gift of time, lending a hand...this is what creates a life of exuberance and abundance!

When you take action and express yourself, it is showing the universe you honor the connection to all there ever was, is, and will be, and are actively creating more from your personal perspective, which activates abundance within, bringing you what you need.  

Share from your heart!

It's all about putting yourself out there, to share and become one with the rhythm of love.


~ Affirmation ~

Through me, the universe shares it's most powerful frequencies of creativity, love and abundance.  My life is the universe expressing itself, and I am a conduit for miracles and limitless abundance.


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Much gratitude!
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