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Weekly Energy Forecast for 1/29 - 2/4
Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week. 
A focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!
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Weekly Energy Forecast and Mini Reading


Archangel Chamuel is stepping forward this week with a message that the biggest energies that shape our life happen in the smallest moments.  Life Experience  #16 is a card that tells us time is a gift!   I mean, it's already the end of January and time does seem to fly; which is why it's important to make the most of each moment, big ones and small ones.  Because all we ever have is the moment we are in.


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Weekly Focus:  Be Fully In The Moment


This week's energy forecast is presenting as VIOLET indicating a powerful connection with our CROWN CHAKRA  this week. 

The call to action this week is to actively stay fully present in the moment you are in.  Whatever you are doing, do it with every sense and fiber of your being focused on that moment.  

When you are speaking with someone, really listen to what they say and maintain eye contact. 

If you are working, feel the energy of abundance course through you and be a conduit for gratitude. 

If you are making dinner, be mindful of the energy of the food and know the nourishment you need is get the point.  Spirit is letting us know that the deep connection to the energy of any moment contains the intuition of that moment.  The answers and path to love, healing and abundance come through this connection.  Nothing is ever wasted, the smallest moments are signposts for you.

Archangel Chamuel oversees the realm of the Crown Chakra - if you feel the need for clarity and also desire to re-connect with your higher self and divine love, call on Chamuel.

Here is our mantra to use all week:

"I align with grace, flow and ease in every moment; finding exactly what I need to stay connected to my higher self"




Remote Home & Space Cleansing

If you've never tried a remote home and space cleansing, now is the perfect time.  Working with Archangel Michael and the Violet Flame angels, I used my exclusive technique to cleanse the energy of your home and spaces.  This is also EXCELLENT for your business as well!

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Remote Healing Chakra Balancing


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