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Weekly Messages for 3/27-4/1
Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week. 
We are given a focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!
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Healing is your birthright

This post equinox week we find ourselves swimming in the energy of potential and promise.  The promise of Spring infuses our bodies with rebirth and renewal.   This combined with the expansive energy of the infinite potential, inspires us to raise the bar for our bodies, minds and spirit!

 The message this week is channeled from my divine healing team and has to do with accessing your innate ability to heal.


Starseed Oracle Rebecca Campbell, Energy Forecast, Dani Tworek, Chakratopia
The card for this week comes from the Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell.
Energy Forecast & Message from Spirit

This week's energy is centered on practicing being in a space of conscious healing, so that our subconscious and all levels of our whole self are activated to heal for our highest good.  This is the beginning of a very powerful season of healing and remembering that you are connected to infinite miraculous potential in every moment is key...

    How to consciously access your deep healing ability
    The following is a condensed version of a portion of my healing sessions.  You can practice this at home, to activate your own healing potential.
    • 3 rounds of deep abdominal breathing to center your energy
    • Call all the facets of your soul home to you now
    • Call in a divine healer, like Archangel Michael or Raphael
    • Visualize a gold cord coming down from the Universe and going down the midline of your body, into the heart of Mother Earth
    • This cord is connecting you to your divine healing potential and creating a force with your personal energy on Earth, essentially you are grounded and divine simultaneously.
    • Next feel the energy of every cell in your body lighting up with gold flame energy.  This is the energy of life, the energy in your DNA that holds limitless healing potential, your divine connection
    • Feel gold light spreading out to fill the space of your entire being and say out loud, "Every cell in my body is lit with the light of limitless healing potential.  I am a vessel for miraculous healing and ask for and activate this now.  I am healed on all levels, in all directions of time.  As I will it, so it is"

    Try doing this daily and watch for the signs that miraculous healing is active in your life.


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