Illuminate! Energy Forecast Week of 12/19-12/24

 Weekly Energy Forecast for 12/19-12/24

Illuminate! is my offering to you - a way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week.  A focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!


Welcome to Illuminate!

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Weekly Channeled Messages of Empowerment from Dani


This week's energy forecast is presenting as violet, indicating CROWN CHAKRA POWER permeating our energy for the week. 

The call to action is to embrace the darkness, honoring the solstice on the 21st as a highly spiritual time full of gratitude for all the experiences of the year.  Right on the heels of the solstice is the new moon,  bringing in the inspiration for new ideas, goals and forward momentum for the new year.

Forward momentum only happens when we have CLOSURE.  No energy leaks, no looking back!  Only knowing that all you've done has led you to this moment of pure potential!

Be in a space of peace infused with promise...the best is yet to come!


 Here is our mantra to use all week:

Chakra Balancing Mantra Meditate Affirmations

"I am totally aligned with the power my experiences have provided.  I vibrate higher now, because I have learned, loved and felt more deeply than ever before!  I am an agent of magnificent change."


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