Illuminate! Fall Equinox Ritual & Messages

Equinox Ritual & Messages of Empowerment
Sept 17th - Sept 23rd
Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week. 
We are given a focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!
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Autumn Equinox

The equinox happens on Friday 9/22 for those in the Pacific Time Zone at 11:49 PM, and after midnight in subsequent time zones, making it official on Saturday 9/23.

During the autumnal equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres get the same amount of rays, meaning we'll get equal time of day and night.  
This powerful time marks the transition from summer to fall (in the northern hemisphere) as we say thank you for all that we've experienced in our time under the sun and turn towards the thoughtful and empowering times we'll spend under the darker skies...where we will go within and bring forth powerful change for ourselves and for those around us.
This is a turning point in the astrological year and the energy of Libra season brings balance, harmony and creative energy to focus our intentions of release, change and evolution.
This is a sacred time to honor where we've been and what we are moving towards.  The veil is thin, the intuitive energy is high and the spiritual support is present and unwavering!
Autumn Equinox Ritual
During this time we are not the only ones undergoing change, so is Mother Earth.  Her sometimes tumultuous but always dynamic and supportive energy is an integral part of who we are.
The connection we have to our soul's plan, here on Earth, is also in alignment with universal evolution.  Energy from anything influences the energy of all things.  Honoring the season and the changes within you is a sacred process that re-aligns you with your space in the world, and beyond.

By using this ritual, you can honor all the energy of your life and align with support, as well as fortify your role as a divine architect of positive change.

(can be done anytime around the equinoxes)

1)  Gather all the elements of Mother Earth:
  • Fire (a candle or your fireplace)
  • Water (a glass or bowl works)
  • Earth (some crystals, stones or dirt)
  • Air (this is within you, the breath of life)
2)  Center your energy with 3 rounds of deep breathing.  
Breath in deeply through your nose, full expanding your belly and out through your mouth, drawing in your belly towards your spine for 3 cycles.

3)  Focus on the energy of each element by gazing and/or holding them in your hands.  Open your heart space to the energy of each one and ask yourself, how does fire cleanse me?  How does water help me find flow?  What intentions do crystals help ground in my life?

4)  After reflecting on each earthly element, look deeply into the fire...this is when you are connecting to the energy of Mother Earth and aligning with the part of you that is a part of her.  Your path and hers cannot exist without the other.  You may get messages at this point or go into a meditative state with the fire as a focus.  Take as much time as you need in this frequency - there is no wrong way of doing this.  This is a deeply grounding practice and this is your sacred time to connect to the heart of the Earth and the heart of the universe.

5)  Say aloud, "In gratitude, I release all that has transpired from my time under the sun.  The past season of experiences has prepared me for the manifestation of the next part of my soul's plan.   I connect with Mother Earth, all her people and all her creatures as a powerful bringer of healing love and light.  Anything that is not of love is released into the fire now and I am filled with the Light, which supports my highest good intentions.  I move forward now, totally empowered and full of loving action." 

Also, here is your friendly remember to call on your divine helpers, teachers and angels each day - you are never alone and have the full support of the benevolent universe.   

Much gratitude for reading this, I appreciate you!



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