Honoring the Solstice + Full Moon Message

Summer Solstice June 20th
Full Moon June 21st
What an energized period we find ourselves in!
The combination of the summer solstice + the full strawberry moon in Capricorn is a powerful time for you.
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Embrace the Change & Align with Your Inner Power

The summer solstice is the official start of summer for us in the Northern Hemisphere and it's also the beginning of Cancer Season.  Rooted in pagan tradition of celebrating the new season, change, gratitude for the Earth and Sun as well as Fire, the Solstice is a time of momentum through vitality and working with our strengths.  

The full moon in Capricorn is a period that ushers in determination, change, focused work and a keen sense of manifestation through goal setting and inspired action.

Solstice & Full Moon Message and Ritual.
The message for this week is all about moving into warmth, and aligning with your connection to Mother Earth and The Sun. Together, they are your link to your soul's plan in the NOW, grounding you in your divine power as a Spirit on Earth and how your energy translates to Earthly form, all through your soul expressing itself as an extension of the Universe.
The long days provide us the time to stay in touch with our inner warmth, our heart center, and use that to radiate the love of our soul, to create the highest good for our entire being. 

The solstice forecast is one of love for life, expansion of our whole self and being present as an agent of magnificent change and powerful outcomes!


Ways to Honor the Solstice

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Much gratitude!
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