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Weekly Messages for September 3rd - 9th
Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week. 
We are given a focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!
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~Intuitive Decision Making~

When I sat down and asked my team for the energy forecast and corresponding card of the week, I was given the Five of Fire.  This felt so on point because the energy of divine change (angel number 5) is in the air post Super Full Blue Moon, which allowed us to clear the path of old, heavy frequencies to make space for new things.

And here is what's so cute about how this week's message and forecast came about...about an hour before I sat down to write this, I was toying with a big decision...should I cut my hair!?! 

My hair is really long and thick and it can be alot to handle and I'm feeling the need to change it up.  I texted my trusted allies to ask their opinion. 

Normally, I don't do this, I just decide what to do independently (I am fiercely independent) but now I understand why I reached out:  to go through the journey of illustrating how I make decisions intuitively and pass it along as a message for you!

CARD of the WEEK

Five of Fire Angel Tarot, Radleigh Valentine, Dani Tworek, Chakratopia, Tarot, Remote Healing, Crystals
(Angel Tarot Radleigh Valentine)

While I was consulting with my gals, we were throwing around the pros and cons of short vs long hair and suddenly I had a strong intuitive flash of my daily/nightly visualization process.  Each day, I take stock of my current intentions and goals and set aside time to visualize myself  on the other side of everything I am currently manifesting and how it feels to be done with it all.  Then I align those feelings with my emotional body and allow it to spread into my entire being.  It's an awesome experience of imagining and truly feeling the outcomes, as if I am already there in my heart and mind.  (this really helps with good sleep too!)

I've been doing this for a few weeks with a fresh set of intentions and guess what the woman (future me) in the visualization looks like?  She has a cool, modern bob haircut!  The future version of me on the other side of my current goals isn't dragged down by all this long hair.

My visualization has brought forth this image of myself with a shorter haircut and my nudge to cut my hair is my higher self's way of letting me know I am in the process of manifesting the highest good outcomes.

Granted, this was a small decision in the grand scheme of life decisions we have to make, but the process is the same for any size decision.  

The energy forecast this week is a gentle reminder on how to follow your intuition to make decisions, big and small, that will keep you on the best path for your soul's plan of evolution.


  • center yourself and call all the facets of your soul home to you.  It helps to do some deep breathing.
  • ask your higher self and spirit team to help guide you in this decision
  • close your eyes and place your focus on being on the other side of whatever decision you are making.
  • Focus on the feelings of the results of having made the best decision.  See yourself way past the details of the outcome, see yourself settled, relaxed, at ease with everything around you...
  • Let that feeling run through you, over and over, and allow yourself to drift into that future version of yourself.
  • Now begin to notice things....what do you look like?  where are you?  is there anyone else there?  Do you see any landmarks or anything that indicates an outcome one way or another?

This is an exercise that you can do daily until you get the hang of transporting yourself to the future version of the best decision, and you get the signs and indicators of what that best decision is by getting clues from the visual.


This works for big decisions as well as small ones.  Tuning into your inner spirit guide, your team of helpers and your amazing intuitive energy will guide you to the best decision.

This is a great tool for your toolbox but please know that there is nothing holding you back from what is truly meant for you, the path you take to get there may be straight and narrow or it could wind, turn back and then forge'll get there eventually!  

Also, remember to call on your divine guides, spirit helpers, teachers and angels each day - you are never alone and have the full support of the benevolent universe.  They will ALWAYS point you in the best direction.

Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!




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