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Weekly Messages for 4/17-4/22
Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week. 
We are given a focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!
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Energy is everything!

Big astrology this week:  New Moon in Aries with a solar eclipse is on the 19th/20th (depending on your time zone)  + Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st - May 14th.

Traditionally, New Moon energy supports lovingly releasing anything from the last cycle and embracing new starts, ideas and forward momentum.  Combine this with a solar eclipse and you've got the flushing out of all that no longer serves and a portal for change, transformation and leveling up.

Mercury in Retrograde supports going within, slowing down and using this cycle to refrain from action and physical, forward momentum.

And that's when I drew Archangel Raziel, #1 The Magician!

CARD of the WEEK
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Years ago when we lived in Santa Fe, I was visited by Archangel Raziel.  It felt like my entire home was slightly vibrating and I could see the aura of everything around me.  It lasted about 30 seconds and I heard, "the energy behind everything is the answer".
Holding back tears, I said a prayer of thanks and realized I'd been given the tip of a lifetime:  look for the energy behind anything and place it in a chamber of love to find the way to heal, and to understand how to proceed for your highest good.
I was a baby lightworker at the time and this has been part of my mission from that point forward.
Excess energy can block your momentum.  Release anything that isn't in alignment with what you visualize for your highest good in body, mind and spirit.  Release all distraction and focus on the energy of highest good outcomes.  Use this period from now until May 14th to place yourself in gold light, flushing out all congestion and transmuting anything unresolved to a place of love and support.  Look at yourself through the eyes of love, from all angles, and place gold light anywhere that needs healing.  Listen to your heart and only act when the time is right.  Center yourself into the heart of the universe and let love infuse you from the inside out.
Sit with your heart and your whole being in gold light daily, in meditation or whenever you feel the need for healing and clarity.  Be gentle with yourself this week and in this Retrograde period, taking time to re-think, release, re-do and reset.
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