Illuminate! Weekly Energy Forecast for 12/12-12/17

  Weekly Energy Forecast for 12/12-12/17

This week's forecast is serving up Solar Plexus vibes with the energy of manifestation, divine will and inner magic coming together to strike a balance of power within us!

My team of Spirit Guides, Angels and helpers are always there for me.  I pull cards several times per week for guidance and inspiration and meditate to align with higher guidance.  Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled to help you navigate your week with a focus that is empowering and will illuminate your path, to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!

Welcome to Illuminate!, Week 3

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Weekly Channeled Messages of Empowerment from Dani

My team is giving me the focus words for this week and they are:  INNER MAGIC

This week's energy forecast is presenting as yellow.  And by yellow I mean there are strong SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA vibes permeating all we do think and say. 

My team is letting us know that there is a call to action this week that help us manifest our highest good by using our thoughts, words and actions to express our highest vibrational energy.  

In any given moment, use that spark within you, the life force that is part of infinite potential, and BE PRESENT as an agent of pure love and compassion. When you express yourself from this pure standpoint, it allows your divine magic to radiate out from you, which is the stuff of manifestation!  

You will radiate this magic and activate the law of attraction; any resources you need will appear because you are a divine agent of change...bringing all the good stuff to any situation and setting yourself up for receiving what you need.

 Here is our mantra to use all week:

Chakra Balancing Mantra Meditate Affirmations

"In every moment, I radiate my inner magic through high vibrational thought, word and action.  I experience positive manifestation of the highest degree."


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