Remote Healing is the Modern House Call



Recently, I learned that my mother in law is receiving house calls from her chiropractor.  My heart filled with warm and loving energy when I learned this and then my team whispered in my ear..."you make energetic house calls for all your clients!"

Let's explore the idea of energetic house calls...

Healing is a dynamic process that is unique for each of us and a journey we'll embark on many times over the course of our life.  From the relatively quick healing of a papercut to the extended healing of a serious illness, the journey is one that we know entails a unique combination of factors that equate to treating the whole person:  body, mind & spirit.

What works for one person isn't a guarantee for the next - but what we do know is that healing is innate to our bodies.  Let's think about that papercut...your body knows exactly what to do when that cut happens so that the healing process begins.  You do not have to stop what you are doing and and tell your body to enable hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation and simply happens because healing is innate to our bodies.  

There is an energetic frequency called healing that we are naturally aligned with.  When you fall out of alignment with healing, my sessions remove the blockages present to your healing and activate your body's innate ability to heal.

So why do some people fall our of alignment with healing and others do not?  What triggers this innate process to activate our healing journey?

ENERGY!  Energy is both the reason behind illness and the trigger for activating your innate healing ability.

A remote healing session is the modern day house call.  Connecting to your unique energetic signature and working with your aura and chakras to facilitate healing is exactly the same as coming to your house and treating you for your illness.  In the space of your own home, healing is activated on the soul level and your comfort is key.

Your unique energetic frequency is the reason this is possible.  My expertise is in connecting to you in this way and feeling the energy of your body and your aura and chakras.  By making a connection with the energy of your illness or symptom, we begin to dissolve it and remove any blockages it's causing so that your innate ability to heal begins.  

Anytime you find yourself experiencing something that is less than healthy, happy or joyful, there is an energy causing it.  Shining a light on this energy is the first step in dissolving it and re-aligning with a frequency of healing that feels better and right for you.

All illnesses, emotions and situations have energetic roots and addressing the energetic component of you is essential to your dynamic healing journey and wellness.

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In light and healing love!


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